Book a house and balcony? Tujia: upgrade and review the non-conforming houses

 Book a house and balcony? Tujia: upgrade and review the non-conforming houses

Surging journalist Tang yingying

Recently, the peoples network issued two articles pointing out the chaos of the home stay market. Among them, the registration of the fictitious house source on the homestay platform can still go online through the audit, and the actual address is different from the reservation address; the rooms booked by Tujia on the global homestay short rent reservation platform become balconies, complaining of being scolded by the landlord and other issues.

On November 15, in response to the peoples daily report that the economic room ordered was actually a balcony and the complaint failed to be scolded by the landlord, Tujia responded to the surging news (www.thepaper. CN) by saying that after the customer service received the complaint on the afternoon of October 28, after verification, Tujia removed the related houses on October 29, and permanently removed all the houses under the landlords name on October 30.

However, due to the fact that four blank Housing rental contracts have been uploaded and the actual address of the housing source is different from the scheduled address, Tujia responded to the surging news that the whole accommodation industry has not yet realized the manual review of the housing qualification documents one by one. However, Tujia said that it will comprehensively upgrade the online housing source audit mechanism. In addition to increasing the audit on the qualification of the housing source, it will also check the online housing source, rectify and remove the non-conforming housing source.

New manual verification of personal landlords face recognition and house source qualification

It is understood that at present, in addition to filling in basic information, pictures and other information of the house, the new online house source must upload any of the three house qualification documents of house property certificate, lease contract and guarantee of public security responsibility of the house to confirm the legal relationship between the house and the landlord. Tujia pointed out that it started the project demonstration and product research and development of manual review of real estate qualification from September. The new system has been developed in October and is expected to be officially launched in December.

It is understood that the new function of the audit mechanism not only increases the face recognition of individual landlords and the verification of information public security system, but also focuses on the manual audit of house source qualification to ensure the accuracy and compliance of landlords and house source information.

Tujia explained to surging news that the so-called manual audit refers to the on-line manual key audit of the house source qualification materials (house property certificate, lease contract and guarantee of public security responsibility of the leased house) submitted by the landlord when the house source application goes online. The audit work is reviewed by the current housing information auditor, who judges the certificate type manually, and proofreads the information such as the location and area of the house source and the submitted qualification materials, so that the house source can be online through the manual audit.

Tujia pointed out that after the upgrade of the new system, it will build a comprehensive guarantee mechanism: the backstage will go online with face recognition function, complete the real person authentication of the identity information of the individual landlord, and access to the public security system for verification; for the qualification verification of the house source, Tujia will join in the manual verification to effectively verify the house property certificate, lease contract and other certificates, as well as the address, house type and area of the online house source The core information is verified, and the photographers certification is supplemented to take real photos, so as to ensure the authenticity of online housing.

Check and rectify the house source in two batches. If the house source is not rectified within two weeks, it will be removed from the shelves

At the same time, Tujia also announced that it will conduct a new round of verification on online housing, to ensure the compliance of housing, store information and merchant qualification, and to rectify and remove non-conforming housing.

Tujia disclosed to surging news that it will check and rectify Tujias full house supply in batches before November 15, 2020, which will be divided into two batches of stock house supply and incremental house supply, and the verification will become a normalization work with the new house supply of the platform.

At that time, the houses that have passed the verification will be marked with the verified labels. Meanwhile, the rectification plan will be put forward for the houses that have not been rectified and compliant within two weeks, and the permanent offline punishment will be carried out. Tujia said.

According to the latest data provided by Tujia, so far, Tujia has covered 400 cities and regions in China and 1037 overseas destinations, with more than 2.3 million sets of online houses, including 1.8 million in China.

In addition, for the preferred Pro class of quality housing, Tujia homestay online has also made clear provisions. In addition to the multi-dimensional authentication of houses, stores, merchants and real photos, the preferred Pro will realize full door-to-door authentication, including a series of safety facilities such as fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, smoke alarms, etc.

Hu Yang, director of Tujia supply chain platform, said that after the new mechanism upgrade, it will control the quality of housing resources more quickly, intelligently and comprehensively, provide higher quality reference standards for other online housing resources and landlords, provide more comprehensive service support for consumers, and finally promote the quality process of the accommodation industry.

It is understood that Tujia online has provided comprehensive guarantee and insurance mechanism for guests at present. If the actual check-in of the guests is inconsistent with the online room information, it can provide free refund or nearby high-quality room guide check-in services; for online landlord merchants, it continuously launched a series of activities such as landlord college, offline salon, super meeting, etc., and cooperated with the courses to provide landlord operation and reception services Service capability.

Tujia said that in the next step, it will also combine Tujia meisujia, photographers, business teams, online audit, etc. to increase the scope of real estate source verification, and give authenticity labels to compliant houses; at the same time, it will build a housing risk coefficient system, judge the risk value of new houses through multiple dimensions, and houses above the threshold will be upgraded or rejected.

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of surging news