Yang Yuanqing: the first priority of Lenovos mobile phone business is to make profits

 Yang Yuanqing: the first priority of Lenovos mobile phone business is to make profits

Reporter Fang Yuanjing

On November 14, 2019 Lenovo innovation technology conference was held in Beijing.

On the first day of industry intelligence day, Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo, made an opening speech entitled data intelligence drives industry change.

In his opening speech, he made his own judgment: we have entered an intelligent era of data intelligence driven industrial change, and demonstrated Lenovos strategic layout in the three dimensions of intelligent Internet of things, intelligent infrastructure and industry intelligence, as well as the end side cloud network intelligence architecture system supporting the strategy. Yang Yuanqing said Lenovo is ready to embrace a new era of data intelligence if it wants to be an end-to-end intelligent solution provider.

Yang Yuanqing said that through years of accumulation, Lenovo has prepared all the essential assets of end side cloud network intelligence and is the company with the most complete ability to build an intelligent building.

In terms of intelligent Internet of things devices, in the face of data collection and access problems of devices, Lenovo has a rich combination of intelligent hardware products to realize the last mile connection between devices and intelligent Internet of things; Lenovo also responds to the growing demand for edge computing in the intelligent transformation, and builds a one-stop model around intelligent manufacturing, smart city, smart education and other scenarios Internet of things solutions.

In terms of intelligent infrastructure, the edge server equipment, data center and cloud computing infrastructure, multi cloud management products and solutions provided by Lenovo, as well as 5g intelligent interconnection construction scheme can meet the different demands of intelligent computing power in all walks of life.

After the meeting, Yang Yuanqing received a group interview from media reporters. He reiterated that for Lenovo, the first priority of the mobile phone business is to make profits. In the past one or two years, Lenovo has closed many areas with difficult profits. In addition, he believes that there is a certain misunderstanding in the mobile folding screen industry at present. He said that if Lenovo released the folding mobile phone, it must be the mobile phone rather than the tablet.

Lenovo has contracted or closed many unprofitable markets in the past few years, focusing on North America and Latin America. Such a strategy has made the mobile phone business profitable in the past four quarters. But this strategy is only temporary. On the basis of profitability, we should consider the profitable growth of this business in the future and expand emerging markets. In the future, we hope to adopt competitive products. Build a profitable business model.

For several quarters, Lenovo has spent between $50 million and $100 million on streamlining each quarter, achieving four quarters of sustained profits, he said.

Yang Yuanqing said that next, lenovo mobile phones should consider profitable growth, and Europe is the next battlefield.

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