If you want to understand these reasons, you will not envy other peoples marriage

 If you want to understand these reasons, you will not envy other peoples marriage

Dont envy other peoples marriage blindly. In fact, marriage is essentially the same. If you can understand some truth in your marriage, you will be able to walk a lot less detours in your marriage, and you will no longer easily envy other peoples marriage.

1. More lasting feelings

You have to understand that your relationship will last longer only if both husband and wife have nothing to say. Since you decide to marry someone, you should be prepared to stay with that person forever.

If you dont want to live a lifetime with someone from the beginning, and you dont have any common language with him, then you are not suitable to be together from the beginning.

A really good marriage is when two people can talk freely together, and you can share or talk with each other about anything without reservation.

If you want to cover up in front of a person, you dare not easily share your thoughts with him, for fear that he will misunderstand you, then you will live very hard in the feelings.

Only when you really do not talk, talk very happy, you will feel that time flies every time you chat, you can collide with the spark of love in the chat, your marriage will be more happy, you do not have to envy other peoples marriage.

Whether a marriage is happy or not depends on the tacit understanding between husband and wife. If you cant talk to each other at all, if you just talk, you will quarrel, or even cold war, then your marriage will be very difficult.

2. Emotion needs to be managed with heart

Any relationship needs careful management and hard work. When you want to understand this, you will become more active in your marriage.

Some people mistakenly think that as long as they get married, they can no longer bother to manage the marriage, and then they can have peace of mind in the marriage. Its a very wrong idea.

Because no relationship or marriage can last forever. When you decide to marry someone, it means that you are responsible for your relationship.

If you are not going to marry someone, you are just playing with each other, then you dont have to work hard to manage a relationship.

Only when you really like someone, and you are willing to live with them forever, will you be willing to give 100% passion for this marriage, and your marriage foundation will become more solid and profound.

If you dont take marriage seriously and seriously enough, and you dont want to pay with your heart, then you will be in a very passive situation in marriage.

3. Do it as soon as you think about it

Some people may say, I understand all these principles, but I just cant do it. in fact, its not that you cant do it, but that you cant stick to it.

Persistence is victory. Who can persist to the end, who is the real leader. When you think of a thing that will have a very positive impact on your marriage and promote it, then you need to act immediately, and you dont have to hesitate, let alone swing around.

In emotion, we need certain executive power. If you are in a marriage and just want to do nothing, then your marriage will be in trouble. To marry and live is to eat, drink, Lazar and sleep. However, these things used to be done by you alone, but now they have become things that two people can complete and face together.

When you want to achieve a goal, you have to do everything to complete or achieve it, you do not sit in the feelings of death. Constantly improve their executive power, think of it immediately to do, only in this way, your marriage will be less regret, more happiness.

If you are always hesitant in marriage, looking forward to the future, and you are not bold enough to be direct and crisp in marriage, your marriage is likely to get into trouble.

In short, when you really want to understand some of the truth of marriage, you may not envy others marriage. There are some principles in marriage, which should be understood and implemented. Only in this way can your marriage be very happy and sweet.

Everyone has different definitions of marital happiness. In my opinion, the essential characteristic of marriage happiness is that both husband and wife understand and need each other.

Because you understand and respect each other, you need each other, you have been integrated for a long time, you are an inseparable whole, so your feelings will become deeper and deeper.

When you always look up to other peoples marital life, but you are full of complaints and dissatisfaction with the marital life you already have, you always look down on your feelings, you have nothing to do and dont want to be aggressive all day in the marriage, then your marriage is likely to crack.

When you really know how to live for yourself and the people who really love you or care about you, you can really grasp your partners heart, and your marriage will not easily deteriorate or fade.

Therefore, when you find that you and a person are full of mutual understanding, you can talk about everything, you are full of all kinds of kindness and understanding, you should learn to cherish this precious fate.

Instead of admiring other peoples marriage, you should settle down and manage your marriage well. When you are grateful and kind, your feelings will become deeper.