The age nightmare of single literary female youth: I am only 32 years old, how can I become an old woman?

 The age nightmare of single literary female youth: I am only 32 years old, how can I become an old woman?

A little older.

Afraid of hearing it wrong, she didnt know should I go there and pretend that I have nothing to do? she wryly smiled, you know, hes 35 years old, and the conditions are so bad, and even think Im old?

it happens that there is a similar case.

In the letters from hundreds of netizens received by Mingyi, there was a girl named Miss Daqiao, 28 years old, who had not finished graduate school for a few years and had a stable job. She said, Im not in a hurry about love and marriage. Im 28 years old, but I didnt expect that she was rejected by a 45 year old man the other day.

When a group of friends gathered at the dinner, someone pointed out that only Joel and ANN are single. Why dont you try to fall in love with each other? Joel is Miss Daqiao, and ANN is a 45 year old divorced man. Their work and income are equal, so outsiders make a fuss about matching. Daqiao was embarrassed and dodged for a while, because she hasnt thought about it yet. Do you want to be in a dozen with an older man? But after the party ended, I was surprised to learn from my friends that the mans evaluation of her was enough education and appearance, the only regret is that she is 28 years old, old girl......

28 years old, is it an old girl?

Big Joe suddenly felt that he really didnt understand men, divorced, 45 years old. In the eyes of such men, a 28 year old girl became an old woman?

Many people like to call women of a little age as leftover women, old girls, old women. We can understand it as anxious for their marriage. However, why do men dare to comment on a woman as an old woman when their own conditions are not equal?

For example, when the 35 year old left over woman evaluated the 32 year old as a little older.

For example, when the 45 year old divorced man thinks that the 28 year old is an old girl.

At what age does a woman become an old woman? And in the eyes of men, what kind of woman is cardamom Fanghua

Some people have said that in the eyes of men, the most beautiful women are the same age, 18 years old.

Mingyi believes that age is the permanent unfairness between men and women.

Age is not something that women dare not face, but that men have turned their cultivation into a nightmare. From time to time, they take it out to hurt women, but forget that age is not fair, time is fair, and life is also fair. When a man is not as good as a woman, what is his qualification to comment on women?

So women, dont let age become a burden, you should know that the men who live less than you, age is their only attack point, forgive their ignorance, continue their wonderful, people who live with heart have a lot of poems and distance.