360 game competes for 2019 golden plume award with the story of peach blossom 2

 360 game competes for 2019 golden plume award with the story of peach blossom 2

This round, be yourself! Taohuayuan 2 has been well received and loved by the majority of players since the public beta. Excellent scene, vivid and exciting plot, Q cute spirit beast, unique playing method, and many friends in the game, to create a dream paradise in the prosperous Tang Dynasty with you. Taohuayuan 2 aims to create an ideal pure land for a new round of online games in the new era, where all players can pursue their free dreams.

Founded in 2005, Jinling award is the most valuable selection activity among many game selections in China. In the past 13 years, it has conducted in-depth research on product information, respected the wishes of players, conducted fair and fair selection, and selected a large number of excellent games loved by players. It has become a weathervane for domestic players to understand the hierarchical ranking of game products and manufacturers to express product ideas.

In order to fully reflect the aspirations of the majority of game players, the 2019 golden plume award is still selected by the national players through the way of online voting for the final award-winning works and excellent media. We expect the players to vote for their favorite excellent products and media - I believe that in the competition of this golden plume award, 360 games and the story of peach blossom 2 will live up to your expectations!

The public test of Taohuayuan 2, a funny conscience online game, is in full swing

For more details, please visit the Jin Ling award website, or search for the public number Chinajoy or scan the following two-dimensional code for ChinaJoy official WeChat number.

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