Fuling kicks off the first rematch of Chongqing station upgrading mountain city in China Mobile E-sports competition

 Fuling kicks off the first rematch of Chongqing station upgrading mountain city in China Mobile E-sports competition

On the big screen of the scene, the wonderful performances of the contestants were continuously played, and the commentators passionate comments also attracted many people to stop and watch. Western data and weiqi, the official partners of the competition system, also came to the scene to help the players, and provided many mysterious gifts to the audience. During the competition, the organizers also arranged interesting interactive games and impromptu water friendly competitions, so that all the participants can participate in the competition and experience the unique charm of E-sports.

Fierce competition among experts from four places

The contestants in this round of rematch are from Fuling, Zhongxian, Wanzhou and Jiangjin, and they are promoted to the round of rematch through the brutal elimination in the preliminary stage. They come here with the glory of victory, to fight for the qualification of Chongqing finals, and strive to earn the final tickets. Legend of furnace stone, hero League solo and hero League team three competitions have been launched one after another, the competition situation is very fierce.

After several rounds of competition, three pairs of players entered the championship showdown. Tang Cheng and Pan Chao met in the championship battle of the legend of the furnace and stone, and the solo battle of the hero League was between Rao Xiao and pan Peng. In the final team battle of the hero League, the two strong teams of BW team and the electric fighting team met and collided with each other to produce a fierce spark.

When the final match was won, the audience burst into warm applause, Chongqings first rematch ended, and the first batch of Chongqing final promotion list has been determined.

List of the third place winners of all projects:

Hero League (solo)

Champion: Rao Xiao (promotion)

Runner up: Pan Peng

Third place: Yang Zhibo

League of Heroes (team)

Champion: bw team (promotion)

Runner up: fish fighting electric racing team

Third place: machete team

Hearth Stone

Champion: Tangcheng (promotion)

Runner up: Pan Chao

Third place: Duan Lei

The above players and teams will enter the final of Chongqing competition area. They will continue to fight until they have determined the promotion list of the national finals. Who can finally represent Chongqing in the year-end finals, lets wait and see!


The first rematch of the first China Mobile E-sports competition in Chongqing in 2019 has been successfully completed, but the nationwide preliminary competition of this competition is still in full swing! Log in Migu quick tour app to enter the competition, realize ones dream of e-Competition and advance to the championship of the competition!

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