Meet you at the developer conference for the second anniversary of my world

 Meet you at the developer conference for the second anniversary of my world

The 2019 developer conference will be held in accordance with the purpose of the previous developer conference. The main creative teams from Microsoft, mojang and Netease will announce the heavyweight news on the spot, including the latest news of China Version of my world, game version update, major brand cooperation plan, and new iterative development tools. At the same time, top development teams will also take the stage to share the experience of third-party content development.

My world will continue to optimize the game ecology, and create a better creative environment and richer playing content for all adventurers. You adventurers can follow the latest developments of the 2019 Developer Conference of my world through the official website, wechat and microblog. The world is in your hands, lets join the ranks of creators!

About my world:

Minecraft, the game agent of Netease, is a game about diamonds and adventure. Players can take risks alone or with friends, explore the randomly generated world and create amazing miracles. Whether its building a simple and simple hut or a castle, you can play your infinite imagination freely.

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