The U.S. develops new combat armor crotch for special forces

 The U.S. develops new combat armor crotch for special forces

[global network military report] us special forces are currently testing a light combat armor, US military officials said recently, according to the US website on November 13.

Tim Hawkins, spokesman for the U.S. Special Forces Command (SOCOM), said the light armor is a kind of light polyethylene body protection armor, which is one of the achievements of the previous tactical assault light operation suit (Talos), which was previously called the Iron Man suit by the media.

A new type of US combat armor

According to Tim Hawkins, compared with the 19% body coverage provided by the current standard infantry bulletproof clothing, the body coverage of the new combat armor is more than 44%, including the shoulder, front side, forearm and span of soldiers, and the light polyethylene is strong and light, 25% (about three pounds) lighter than the current standard protective equipment.

Although U.S. special forces command officials confirmed in February, the complete prototype of the talosmk 5 combat suit was not finalized. However, Hawkins said that previous research and development were not in vain, and the headquarters is currently examining 10 subsystems of the Talos development project for further mature design and testing, the most important of which is light polyethylene armor. The armor is currently being tested for operational evaluation by special forces, he said

The body coverage rate of new bulletproof equipment of the U.S. Army is constantly increasing

Lightweight polyethylene armor has become a hot in the U.S. military protective equipment. According to the report, in 2017, the U.S. Army soldier research and development and Engineering Center launched a combat helmet made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material, which is 40% lighter than the existing helmet.

In September this year, the US Army Research Laboratory also said that it had developed a bulletproof material based on UHMWPE compound, which is 14 times stronger than steel, but 8 times lighter than steel, and easy to cast or form, and can be used as protective armor for soldiers, vehicles and other army assets.

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