The Indian Air Force will retire the flying coffin by the end of this year

 The Indian Air Force will retire the flying coffin by the end of this year

[global network military report] the Indian Air Force plans to retire all the active MiG-27 fighters by the end of this year, and bid farewell to this aircraft, which has the title of flying coffin in the Indian army.

The Indian air force is phasing out old fighters and plans to decommission all 60 MiG-27 fighters in service in December, the website of national interest reported recently. The 29th Squadron, Indias last MiG-27 fighter unit, was deployed in the Jodhpur area close to Pakistan, and two other MiG-27 squadrons were retired in 2016, the report said.

The MiG-27 fighter at the Indian military parade

Since 1981, India has produced 165 MiG-27 fighter planes with the permission of the Soviet Union. It is an improved ground attack aircraft from the MiG-23 interceptor. Compared with the SU-24 and Su-22 fighter provided by the Soviet Union to India at that time, the Su-27 was more favored by the Indian army, mainly because of its low maintenance requirements and many parts can be used in common with the MiG-23 fighter.

During nearly 40 years of service in the Indian army, MiG-27 has made great contributions. For example, in 1999, during the Kargil conflict in the Kargil area of Indian controlled Kashmir, with its precise bombing capability to the ground, the Pakistani ground forces suffered heavy losses. However, compared with the mainstream fighters in the west, the MiG-27 has a complex structure, a low safety factor, and an aging body. In recent years, there have been many accidents. According to statistics, the Indian air force lost at least 10% of its MiG-27 fighters in various accidents.

In addition, in the air conflict between India and Pakistan at the end of February this year, several old Russian fighters of the Indian army did not perform well, which also strengthened the pace of the Indian army to speed up the elimination of old fighters.

MiG-27 crashed into a wall

It is reported that the MiG-27 fighter has the title of flying coffin and widow maker in the Indian army due to its high accident rate, and the Indian Air Force has been promoting the plan of introducing foreign advanced fighters to replace the old fighters. On October 8, Indian Air Force day, Indian defense minister ragnart Singh attended the delivery ceremony of the first Rafale fighter at the meiseniyak factory of Dassault company. This is the first of 36 Rafale fighters purchased by Cong France and received by India.

In addition, India is also actively promoting the development of domestic fighter equipment. Indias Air Force recently revealed that it will make a big purchase of fighter and trainer aircraft, and nearly 300 fighter planes planned to be purchased will all be domestic models.

According to the Hindustan Times on November 7, a senior defense official, who did not want to be named, said that the Indian Air Force had informed the Indian government that it had promised to buy nearly 300 domestic fighter planes and trainer planes from Hindustan Airlines (HAL), which is billions of dollars more than the amount of the transaction. The Indian Air Force promised to buy Korn ferry fighters (16-18 fighters per squadron) for 10 fighter squadrons, as well as 36 AMCA advanced medium fighters . In addition to fighter aircraft, the Indian Air Force will also purchase the latest htt-40 junior trainer.

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