Li Xiaolu has invested in nine enterprises online stores with a total turnover of 410000 in three days

 Li Xiaolu has invested in nine enterprises online stores with a total turnover of 410000 in three days

Beijing News reported on November 15 that on the evening of November 14, according to Jia Naliangs studio, Li Xiaolu and Jia Naliang announced their divorce.

Before that, in September, Li Xiaolu publicized his own clothing brand 3000concepts of Lu in vlog, which published clothes on her microblog account, and officially became an independent designer. On the evening of September 26, Li Xiaolus shop was launched for pre-sale.

According to the store price, the clothing price of Li Xiaolus shop is relatively low, with the price range from 80 to 400. The price of the most popular pink sweater is 139 yuan.

According to the monitoring of the reporter of Beijing News, as of the noon of September 29, the store had 112000 fans, 13 pieces of clothing and accessories were on sale, with an average price of about 179 yuan, and a total of 2309 pieces of monthly sales, so it is estimated that the turnover in two and a half days after the opening was about 410000. As of November 14, the store had 307000 fans and was selling 34 clothes and accessories.

According to the official Weibo of 3000concepts of Lu, the shop is affiliated to Hangzhou Xinglu e-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou Xinglu). According to the enterprise investigation, Hangzhou Xinglu was founded on June 28, 2019 with a registered capital of 2 million yuan. According to the equity penetration chart, the majority shareholder of the company is Hangzhou Monday e-commerce Co., Ltd., with a 51% stake; the remaining 49% is held by Li Xiaolus wholly-owned enterprise, Beijing salary yuruilu Culture Communication Studio. Li Xiaolu is the ultimate beneficiary of Hangzhou Xinglu.

The reporter of Beijing News noted that this was not the first time for Li Xiaolu to invest. According to the enterprise investigation, Li Xiaolu has invested in nine enterprises, mainly in the field of cultural communication, one of which has been cancelled. Li Xiaolu is the legal representative of Jiujiang yingyuruilu film and television culture studio, Xinyi yingyuruilu film and television culture studio and Beijing yingyuruilu Culture Communication Studio, and holds 100% of the above three companies.

It is not uncommon for stars to launch personal brands after accumulating certain popularity. In addition to the well-known stars such as Edison Chen and Yu wenle, Xie Na and other female stars also have their own personal fashion brands. Among them, Xie Nas personal brand, Nayong, also entered chaopai group I.T. this year. In addition, Wu Yifans own brand a.c.e. After entering tmall, it caused quite a stir.

On December 26, 2018, Weibo was certified as a.c.e.. The first promotional video was released by the microblog account of brand official microblog and A.C.E was officially launched. Brand. Previously, a.c.e. The brand has entered tmall and launched its products on December 28, 2018. At that time, Wu Yifan served as the director, general manager and creative director of the brand, and Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise was lucky as our Jewelry Co., Ltd. was a major shareholder.

However, on April 10 this year, a reporter from Beijing News saw from Tianyan that Wu Yifan had withdrawn from a.c.e. Shareholders. A.C.E. According to customer service introduction of tmall flagship store, Wu Yifan is still the brand creative director.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Hu Mengyao, nk5655