The European Cup is set for 10 / 24! Portugal and Holland will break the ice for 14 places

 The European Cup is set for 10 / 24! Portugal and Holland will break the ice for 14 places

Netease sports reported on November 15:

In 2020, the European Cup qualifiers have lost many more games in the middle of this week. At present, the qualifiers are nearing the end. So far, 10 teams have advanced to the European Cup, they are: England, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Spain, Poland, France, Turkey, Belgium, Russia, Italy.

Portugal vs Luxembourg in the last round

In 2020, there are 24 teams participating in the European Cup, and the European Cup qualifier is divided into 10 groups. The top two of each group directly advance to the European Cup. The other four European Cup qualifications are generated through the additional matches of the UEFA National League. The top four of the four level leagues from level a to level D of the UEFA National League will be eligible for the additional matches. If the top four teams have passed the European Cup preliminary, then the additional matches will be handed to the teams with the lower ranking.

At present, only the last round of group A, group B, group H and group J has not played in the European Cup qualifier, while group C, group D, group E, group F, group G and group I have two rounds of group games. England and the Czech Republic in group A have advanced to the top two of the group. Group B Ukraine are ahead of schedule. Defending champions Portugal now rank second in group B with 14 points, while Serbia ranks third with 13 points. In the last round of group matches, Portugal played Luxembourg away, while Serbia played Ukraine at home. Given Luxembourgs weakness, Portugal should have a good chance of qualifying.

The Netherlands and Germany in group C have 15 points, while Northern Ireland have 12 points. The three teams will compete for two group places. In the last two rounds, the opponents of Northern Ireland are Holland and Germany, which can not afford to lose. The Netherlands have another match against Estonia, while Germany have another match against Belarus. The situation is better than Northern Ireland. The Netherlands and Germany are more likely to join hands in this group.

In group D, except for Gibraltar, who has 0 points at the bottom, the other teams still have the hope of going out. Denmark and Ireland scored 12 points, Switzerland 11 points and Georgia 8 points. In the last two rounds, the competition was still fierce and did not open the gap. The situation in Group E is similar to that in Group D. in the same way, only Azerbaijan (1 point) at the bottom is out ahead of schedule. The other four teams have opportunities, Croatia 14 points, Hungary 12 points, Slovakia 10 points, Wales 8 points. However, Wales where bell is now 4 points behind the second place, the situation is not optimistic.

Spain in group F have already qualified ahead of schedule. Sweden (15 points), Romania (14 points) and Norway (11 points) will compete for the only qualification in the last two rounds of group matches. In group G, Poland came out ahead of time, Austria scored 16 points in the second group, while Slovenia, Israel and Macedonia scored 11 points. Considering that Austrias opponents in the last two rounds were Macedonia and Latvia, who scored 0 points, it can be said that Austria has made one foot into the European Cup.

France and Turkey in group H have both qualified, while Iceland in the last European Cup ranked third in the group, but they still have the chance to qualify for the European Cup through the additional round. Belgium and Russia in group I have also advanced. In group J, Italy won the top of the group ahead of time, Finland ranked second with 15 points, while Bosnia and Herzegovina and Armenia scored 10 points. Finlands opponents in the last two rounds of group matches are Greece and Liechtenstein, who are the last two in the group. There is almost no suspense about the qualification.

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