Fans of Tennis Stars: like Federer, yes, but its rude to win for the DJO

 Fans of Tennis Stars: like Federer, yes, but its rude to win for the DJO

Federers duel with Deyue is undoubtedly a major duel, but the audience is very competitive. Its true that they support Federer without reservation. However, when Deyue made a double mistake, it broke out a cheering voice, which was really against the etiquette of tennis watching, and made several famous tennis stars unable to see it. They expressed their opinions and criticized the lack of education of the fans in the finals.

It seems to me to applaud and cheer for the double mistakes of the German contract, which is totally uneducated, said former British gorusedsky. I dont mind if fans support one person and dont feel for another. Its your choice, but you have to follow the minimum etiquette. Yes, the audience applauded when Deyue made a double mistake. Then Deyue made a double mistake. Then he was broken and didnt slow down. Sometimes Deyue was too difficult.

Another famous British player, Croft, now a famous commentator, is also dissatisfied with the unfair treatment of the DJO. Im sorry for the DJO tonight. This is a great champion, a player who has made remarkable achievements in the tennis world. And his performance is actually good, but when he did a good job, the audience was only a symbolic drum clapping, but when he made a double mistake, the audience applauded and cheered very hard. In my opinion, he was not excited after that. He became silent and could not make himself excited. I do have some sympathy for Deyo because he seems to be lost here. When 20000 people are against you, you have to be in a difficult situation.

Hantuchua also expressed her own opinion: I am really sorry for Deyue, because he has made great efforts for the game, I really dont know, what else does he need to do to get the respect of these people? I think its understandable that DJO was so angry that he didnt even wave when he left. When someone is always playing double sign, clapping for your double mistake, I can understand his depression, which is really not pleasant. The audience is not polite. Federer is Federer, but the DJO is also the DJO, so the audience should be more fair, which is the most ideal.

In this years Wimbledon showdown, the audience supported Federer on one side, but Deyo finally won the championship, and the audience didnt see Deyo again when the finals met. In the eyes of several tennis players, Deyos performance was indeed affected.