Scallops natural death loss nearly 300 million Zhangzi Island financial bath?

 Scallops natural death loss nearly 300 million Zhangzi Island financial bath?

In response, Zhangzidao said in the announcement that, of the 583500 mu of bottom seeded shrimps and scallops under cultivation, the per mu yield is too low, and the cash value of harvesting is not enough to make up for the acquisition cost of 390700 mu of sea area, which needs to be written off at a cost of 196 million yuan; the per mu yield is relatively low, which needs to be accounted for the area of 139000 mu of reserve for inventory depreciation, and the amount of reserve for depreciation is expected to be 82.0589 million yuan; at present, the per mu yield is sampled and tested The area of the normal and ongoing mining and catching sea area is 54000 mu.

Zhangzidao said that it is estimated that the total amount of inventory cost written off and provision for inventory falling price is 278 million yuan, accounting for 90% of the book value of 307 million yuan of the above-mentioned bottom seeded shrimps and scallops by the end of October 2019, which has a significant impact on the companys operating performance in 2019. At present, the abnormal death of bottom seeded shrimps and scallops in the companys sea area may continue, and the per mu production level in some sea areas is still uncertain. The specific write off of inventory cost and the amount of provision for inventory falling price shall be calculated and determined according to the inventory results of bottom seeded shrimps and scallops in January 2020, and the final amount shall be subject to the results approved by the board of directors and the general meeting of shareholders.

For the companys current response measures, Zhangzidao said that the company has extracted relevant environmental monitoring data such as buoys and submarine buoys, and aquatic experts have collected samples of water samples and dead scallops on site. The company has cooperated with relevant government departments to organize marine experts and scientific research institutions to go to the marine ranch site as soon as possible to investigate and analyze the natural causes of scallop death.

For the companys future operation plan, Zhangzi Island gives seven plans, specifically including further closing the sea exposure risk; strengthening the standard construction of indigenous species conservation; expanding the scale of seed and seedling industry; deeply operating Amur sturgeon industry; accelerating the implementation of slimming plan; expanding the marine food business; reducing financial costs.

According to the sampling results of scallops planted at the end of autumn 2019 released by Zhangzi Island, Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern again on the evening of November 14, asking the company to specify whether the total weight and survival weight of scallops harvested at each sampling location are sufficient and reasonable, and whether the judgment basis of scallops death is sufficient and reasonable; Zhangzi Island is required to list the location of each sampling sea area in the figure And the corresponding number to explain the reason and rationality of the large difference in the average yield per mu in the same sea area.

In addition, SZSE requires Zhangzidao to explain whether the basis for calculating the amount of inventory write off and falling price reserves by using local sampling data is sufficient and reasonable when there are large differences in sampling results of different locations.

In recent years, there has been a large amount of impairment of scallops planted at the bottom of Zhangzi Island. Shenzhen stock exchange requires Zhangzi Island to explain whether the company has destructive Harvesting Based on the actual harvesting situation of the company over the years, and fully assess whether the companys sea area is suitable for the cultivation of scallops, whether there are plans to continue to invest in seedlings in the future, and whether the companys sustainable profitability is significant in the future Big uncertainty.

Financial data shows that in the first three quarters of this year, Zhangzi Island realized a net profit loss of 34.03 million yuan. In response to the related questions, the reporter of Beijing Business Daily called the office of the Secretary of directors of Zhangzi Island for an interview, but no one answered the phone.

Source: editor in charge of Beijing Business Daily: Guo Chenqi ufe63 nbj9931