21 auto companies with annual sales target only 2 up to standard in the first 10 months

 21 auto companies with annual sales target only 2 up to standard in the first 10 months

21 auto companies annual sales completion picture source: made by Li Zhuoling, time finance

Who are the top students?

Its more than one month before the end of the year. If we measure the annual sales target of 83% that should have been achieved in 10 months, only two Japanese car companies, Guangzhou Honda and Guangzhou Toyota, can meet the target. If the completion rate is more than 80%, there are only three more car companies - Audi, Lexus and Geely.

Under the overall downturn of the car market, although the second and third tier Japanese car companies, such as Guangqi Mitsubishi and FAW Mazda, did not perform well, the first tier Japanese joint venture brands, mainly Honda and Toyota, performed best among 21 car companies.

From the data point of view, GAC Honda and GAC Toyota have become well deserved top students, with annual target completion rate over 85%. Among them, the sales volume of Guangfeng in the first 10 months totaled 556200 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 16.52%, and nearly 90% of the annual sales target (620000 vehicles) has been achieved.

Lexus, as the second-line luxury brand of the old brand first brother, although in recent years it has been snatched the limelight by Cadillac, but its strength still exists. In October, Lexus delivered a beautiful report card: the cumulative sales volume in the first 10 months was 160900, with a completion rate of 80.45%. In October, Lexus sold more than Cadillac in a single month. At present, the cumulative sales volume of Cadillac in the first 10 months is 178000, with a gap of only 17100 between Cadillac and Lexus. Who will win the first place of the second-line luxury brand in 2019? It will be the focus.

Geely is also to be praised as the best performing independent brand. According to the data released by Geely, the sales volume in October reached 130000, an increase of 1% year on year; the cumulative sales volume in the first 1-10 months was 1088200, and the completion rate has reached 80.02%. Since 2017, Geely has sold more than one million vehicles for three consecutive years.

Geelys outstanding performance is due to the fact that it can still play a good role in a number of model segment markets when the car market goes down. In the sedan market, the total sales volume of the brand-new Dihao from January to October is 167848, ranking the top of the Chinese brand sedan market. In terms of SUV, the sales volume of Peugeot in October was 12571, and now the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 130000. Geelys independent high-end brand linker also failed to disappoint, with sales reaching 14038 in October, up 3% month on month.

SAIC GM may fail

Among the 21 auto companies counted by times finance and economics, 8 have an annual sales target completion rate of 80% - 60%, hovering near the pass line.

The most surprising non-traditional top students of SAIC general motors are. According to the official data released by SAIC Group, in October 2019, SAIC GMs sales volume was 136818, down 25.3% year on year; from January to October 2019, SAIC GMs cumulative sales volume was 1356301, down 16.1% year on year. At present, SAIC GM has only completed 67.8% of its annual sales task. It is very difficult to achieve the target of 2 million vehicles set at the beginning of this year.

SAIC GMs accident may be related to the overall situation of the market. It is understood that the sales of SAIC GMs three brands fell in October, including 78000 Buick, 45000 Chevrolet, 27.3% and 14000 Cadillac, 39.2% respectively. Some insiders pointed out that SAIC GMs ambition of 2 million vehicles at the beginning of this year seems to be insufficient in estimating the trend of this years car market.

However, the sales performance of SAIC GM this year has been gradually left behind by the north and South Volkswagen. Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the national passenger vehicle market information joint meeting, told time finance and economics that the overall performance of North and South Volkswagen this year is due to the promotion of their SUV products, for example, the Jetta of FAW Volkswagen has changed from a car to an SUV, and from a model to an independent brand, bringing the last wave of dividends in the Volkswagen SUV market.

In terms of the completion rate, there are also pass hope and annual sales targets of FAW Toyota, Great Wall Motor, Dongfeng Nissan and SAIC passenger cars, all of which have an annual sales target completion rate of more than 70%. More dangerous are JAC new energy, FAW Mazda and GAC Mitsubishi.

It is worth mentioning that although the sales volume of new energy vehicles has exploded since last year, it is unexpected that the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China has been four consecutive drops since July due to the decline of subsidies for new energy vehicles in June this year. As a result, the performance of new energy vehicle enterprises with good situation has also been greatly affected. New energy vehicle companies including JAC new energy, BYD and so on have thus handed over a not beautiful report card.

Dragon and new forces are at the bottom

Who is in the last place in the achievements of financial statistics of the times? They are BAIC new energy, DPCA, and three new forces of car building - Weilai automobile, Weima automobile and Xiaopeng automobile.

As the head of new energy vehicle enterprises, BAIC new energy is obviously affected by the decline of subsidies for new energy vehicles. In recent years, DPCA has been retreating, but it still hasnt recovered. According to the data, the sales volume of DPCA in October was 9730, down 47.4% year-on-year. The cumulative sales volume from January to October this year was 100800, down 54.83% year-on-year, only 42.9% of the annual sales target of (235000). In September this year, in order to release the Yuan recovery plan for the self-help DPCA, DPCA will realize the overall recovery through three stages. According to the plan, 2019 is the Peiyuan stage of DPCA, aiming to survive. For this reason, the strategy of double brand combined sales between Dongfeng Peugeot and Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen has also been launched. The first double brand 4S shop has been established in Jiaozuo, Henan Province. At present, DPCA is still trying to recover, and the effect remains to be seen.

It is worth noting that at the bottom of the list are all the emerging forces of Chinas car market - new forces of car building. Whether its Weilai, Weima or Xiaopeng automobile, as a rookie in the auto industry, they have made a lot of money since last year, and announced their annual goals at the beginning of this year. But up to now, the performance of these three car companies is not ideal.

Among them, the accumulated sales volume of Yulai in the first 10 months was 14900, only 37.2% of the annual sales target (40000 vehicles); the sales volume of Xiaopeng in the first 10 months was 14100, only 35.3% of the annual sales target (40000 vehicles). Among the three new forces of car building, the one with the highest goal of 100000 Vemma cars performed the worst, finishing only 14.7% of the annual task from January to October, with the lowest score.

In response, Shi Kaifeng, director of public relations of Weima automobile, told time finance and economics that the annual sales target belongs to the misreading of CEO Shen Huis public statements by the media. The original words are annual sales of 100000 vehicles can be ranked in the top of new energy, which is Weimas goal. He said that since the words at that time played a role in boosting morale, Weima did not clarify this. For this years expected sales volume, Shi Kaifeng said that at this stage, he hoped that the more the better, but did not set limits for himself first. He also revealed that the new EX6 will be launched at Guangzhou auto show this month, and delivery can be started as soon as the end of this year.

Source: time finance Author: Guo Yao, Li Zhuoling editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu, NF