Blockchain + AI help enterprises one key company

 Blockchain + AI help enterprises one key company

The launch of commercial service blockchain platform is the latest move for the district to launch commercial reform version 3.0. It took the lead in opening a new business start-up service mode of all-weather, zero meeting and one key operation, which greatly reduced the time for application and made it more convenient for business start-up. According to the report on business environment index of national economic development zone in 2019 issued by the 21st Century Economic Research Institute, Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone rank first in China, and the application of commercial service blockchain platform leads the country in terms of the convenience of enterprise establishment. By the end of October, the total number of visitors since the operation of the platform has reached 3190, and 162 businesses have been accepted.

The birth of the first blockchain + AI business license in China

I was attracted by the promise of not having to wait in line, not having to submit paper materials, not having to carve seals for free. ? good enterprise is a newly established e-commerce company. When Miss Liu, the person in charge, saw the publicity of commercial service blockchain platform, she came to taste the fresh with a try attitude.

She only scanned the QR code of blockchain + AI enterprise start-up service mode and entered the information. It took more than 10 minutes to enter the information; half an hour later, the system prompts that the business license can be printed. One hour later, according to the official seal delivery method selected online, she can enjoy the official seal delivery service at the service hall. At the same time, the tax bureau can send the tax invoice free of charge by mail.

In just one morning, through the blockchain + AI business start-up service mode, she managed the cumbersome business start-up procedures and successfully obtained the first business license through the blockchain + AI platform in China.

What a surprise. Blockchain technology brings great convenience. I dont need to submit all kinds of information repeatedly, just fill in and input the information once, and then all of them will be settled in the background, saving time and manpower for the enterprise. She said.

One platform, to solve the five pain points of long running, multiple submission, platoon leader, complex materials and false registration, to realize the one key operation , intelligent operation and free operation of enterprises. In the design of the system, we use the menu click mode to let users do the multiple choice questions instead of filling in the blank, said the relevant person in charge of the Huangpu District market supervision and Administration Bureau of Guangzhou

It is reported that the commercial service blockchain platform compresses the information required to be entered in each link of an enterprise from more than 140 to more than 20 at present. The amount of information filling reduced by about 85% and the filling time reduced to within 15 minutes.

Address chain, eliminate false registration

In the past, it took a lot of time and cost to set up a company, at least to handle business and fill in materials in the window or website of market supervision, seal engraving shop, bank, tax and other departments.

Now in Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone of Guangzhou City, commercial services are speeding up again - you can start a company with one click by scanning the code, everything for the enterprise is landing here. Blockchain is behind the scenes.

Because in the past each business system was relatively independent, forming the traditional cross department, multi window, queuing business model, it is difficult to solve the problem of long run ? according to the relevant person in charge of Huangpu District market supervision and Administration Bureau of Guangzhou, commercial service blockchain platform uses blockchain technology to open up various business departments and realize information sharing.

With the help of blockchain technology, the platform establishes a credible digital identity credit system by docking with the identity authentication platform (Ctid) of the Ministry of public security, breaks information barriers, improves the efficiency of electronic data use, and effectively prevents the phenomenon of legal representative and shareholder ? said the person in charge.

The platform also uses the trusted address chain to prevent false address and illegal address registration, so that the address white list and black list can be found, so that double random and one public have data support, and realize information sharing, supervision with evidence, law enforcement with traces.

The commercial service blockchain platform is also connected to the whole process electronic approval system of Guangzhou. This will ease the daily approval pressure of administrative staff, reduce the procedures and costs of sorting out materials, and reduce the office space for file storage.

At present, the platform is in the stage of vigorous promotion. According to the above person in charge, the blockchain + AI enterprise service mechanism initiated by the district in China has created a shared registration network based on blockchain. Next, we will create a globally competitive business environment through expanding to the countries and regions along Hong Kong and Macao.

Source: Science and technology daily Author: Ye Qing editor in charge: Li Yi, nbjs9851