Yesterday 10 yuan down, now 15 yuan up, Kunming pork price ride roller coaster vendor: its too hard

 Yesterday 10 yuan down, now 15 yuan up, Kunming pork price ride roller coaster vendor: its too hard

On November 14, the National Bureau of statistics released the national economic data for October. According to the data from the National Bureau of statistics, CPI rose 3.8% year on year in October, 0.8 percentage points higher than last month. Among them, the price of pork rose by 101.3%.

Regarding the trend of pork price, Liu Aihua, spokesman of the National Bureau of statistics, said that from the current situation of pork, governments at all levels attach great importance to the restoration of pig production. Recently, various measures have been taken to ensure supply and price stability, and various ways have been taken to increase pork supply. The mechanism of linkage between social assistance and security standards and price rise has been launched in a timely manner, so as to increase the living allowance for the poor To ensure that the lives of the people in need are not affected. With the implementation of policies and measures related to the recovery of pig production, pig production capacity will gradually recover and pork prices will gradually stabilize. According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Commerce, the price of meat fluctuated slightly from November 4 to 10, among which the wholesale price of pork was 51.31 yuan per kilogram, down 1.9% from the previous week.

Before the opening news, it was reported that Xi Da Pu Ben!! Yunnan fresh pork, down! Price! Now!

Whats the current situation of pork prices in Yunnan? Will it continue to rise? According to the data from the daily necessities monitoring platform of Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce, the average retail price of meat in Yunnan last week (November 4 to November 10) was 51.8 yuan / kg, down 0.3% month on month. So, is the price of pork really down? On November 14, the Chuncheng Evening News - Kaiping news reporter visited Carrefour supermarket (Guangfu store), Zhuan new farmers market and several fresh pork stores and found that at present, the price of pork is not stable. Yesterday, the price did fall by 3 to 6 yuan / kg, but today, the price has increased by 3 to 6 yuan / kg, and Kunming pork price has taken the roller coaster.

At about 10 a.m. on the 14th, in the pork shed of Zhuan new farmers market, the number of people buying pork was relatively small, and most of the people bought pork after comparing the three. The owner of Fuyuan Dahe Wu pork shop told reporters that yesterdays wholesale price of pork was 10 yuan / kg lower than the day before yesterday, and todays price was 15 yuan / kg higher than yesterday. The selling price must change with the wholesale price, or you will lose money. For example, 50 yuan / kg of streaky pork was sold yesterday, and todays batch is up to 55 yuan / kg.

The reporter visited several fresh pork shops in the market again. Many shopkeepers said that the price of pork did drop a few yuan yesterday, but they didnt expect the wholesale price to rise another 5 to 7 yuan / kg today. Its really sad.

The price of pork did drop 3 to 4 yuan / kg in the first two days, but it has increased 5 yuan / kg today. in Haoran fresh food supermarket, located on the North Xihua Road, the boss told reporters that now the price of pork ribs is 60 yuan / kg, and the price of pork and pork is 54 yuan / kg.

At present, the price of pork ribs is 65 yuan / kg, and the price of pork streaky meat is 55 yuan / kg, the same as other pork prices, according to the staff of Wanjiafu fresh food supermarket in Xifu road. The price of pork in these two days has a slight downward trend, but it is not stable. Our spareribs are 56 yuan / kg, pork and other meat are 52 yuan / kg. The price has dropped nearly 3 yuan / kg in these two days, but today the price has increased a little, the owner of a life supermarket on Xiyuan Road told reporters.

In the fresh meat area of Carrefour supermarket (Guangfu store), the reporter saw that from November 12 to 14, the price of front leg with skin in bulk was 46.9 yuan / kg, and the price of second blade meat in bulk was 53.8 yuan / kg. Relevant staff told reporters that the current price has been a downward trend, but is still not very stable. It is worth mentioning that from November 16 to 17, all stores of Carrefour supermarket in Kunming will launch a discount of 8.5% for ordinary pork (including lean meat, ribs, etc.), which can be purchased by the citizens in need.

On the afternoon of November 14, the reporter connected to Mr. Zhai, the owner of Xuanwei ecological pork wholesale shop in baimaxi District, Danxia Road. He said that at present, it costs 12000 yuan to slaughter a pig. Before that, the price was enough to slaughter 3 to 4 pigs. Yesterday, the wholesale price of pork dropped a few yuan, but today it is increased by 5 to 6 yuan / kg. Because of the main wholesale of local pork in his family, the increase is relatively large, And the wholesale price of ordinary pork is up 3 to 4 yuan / kg today. At present, the wholesale price of Baitiao pig is about 43 yuan / kg.

Source: responsible editor of Kaiping news: Li Chao, nb12814