Liu Kun, deputy general manager of marketing of Taihe: the last two months need to complete the task of 5 billion yuan back payment

 Liu Kun, deputy general manager of marketing of Taihe: the last two months need to complete the task of 5 billion yuan back payment

The interview place of reporter of daily economic news and Liu Kun is Xifu compound, the trump brand product of Taihe in Beijing. This is the Diwang project that Taihe won in 2014. Currently, the removal rate is more than 60%.

As a regional marketing executive, Liu Kun has paid more than 22 billion yuan this year under the annual main tone of payment collection of Taihe. At present, the online signature data of Taihe in Beijing has reached 13.6 billion yuan, and the reserve value has exceeded 60 billion yuan.

Collect, collect, collect!

Less than 50 days from the end of 2019, busy is the absolute key word in Liu Kuns agenda. As the core person in charge of the greater Beijing region (including Beijing, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, etc.), he has been traveling to various cities recently, tracking the case sales, communicating with financial institutions or evaluation institutions, meeting with small shareholders, discussing cooperation with customers, and balancing the strategic differences in project construction.

Liu Kun will participate in the process from land acquisition by cities in the early layout to product pricing in the later stage.

On average, there are thousands of wechat messages every day. I really cant get back. This morning, a marketing system conference was held. There is a meeting in the afternoon. Later, we have to go to the Jinfu compound in the Fourth Ring Road in the south. After that, there will be another meeting.

Recently, every weeks schedule is very full. I can take a weekend off at most, but I cant leave my mobile phone behind on this day. When I work online, I sometimes have to be pulled to a meeting by my boss. Now the market environment is not very good. Every developer has pressure. Its really tired.

This month, projects in Zhengzhou, Jinan and other places will continue to open, and my 5 billion yuan collection task also includes these new supply volumes, to do some performance supplement, so Im really busy.

Taihe has a high demand for the capital chain, and the demand for payment back is no less than 80%. The sold out capital will have a designated next step arrangement right away, even when it is not sold, it will have arranged the next step for you.

The intensity is very high and the pace is very fast. First, there are many projects. Second, at the end of the year, frankly speaking, everyone has financial pressure. We need to control the marketing direction and arrange all the strategies and actions. But now the market changes very fast, and some strategies and actions may not take effect.

The reporter of daily economic news learned that Taihe has been adjusting its organizational structure since last year, and this year it is also constantly adjusting. Taihe used to be a four-level management and control system, i.e. headquarters region city project. Now it is a two-level management and control system, i.e. headquarters region. At present, Taihe has four major regions: Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian and Guangzhou Shenzhen. In the future, the front line will have more decision-making power.

At the same time, Taihe incorporated the cash flow return into the executive assessment indicators. In the words of Mr. Huang Qisen, chairman of Taihe Group, this year, we pay the most attention to cash flow return, and we will reach every city company under this task, and everyones bonus will be assessed by the return.

This year, we have invested a lot of energy in sales collection. In fact, during the peak period of the group, the sales collection in one month can reach more than 10 billion yuan. This year, my collection is actually higher than the sales volume. After all, there are some carry forward of last year. The former is more than 22 billion yuan, and the latter is more than 20 billion yuan.

The boss didnt say that he could hear the gunfire in the front line, so he wanted to sink. We are to take on the bosss strategy, do a good job of decomposition, do a good job of professional managers should do their duties. This years key words are collection, collection and collection. Its meaningless to sell without collection. Liu Kun said with a smile.

In fact, in 2019, Taihe almost focused on collection and achieved remarkable results.

After the first quarter of 2019, Taihe paid RMB 10.3 billion in net interest bearing liabilities due, and the net flow generated from operating activities was RMB 11.9 billion in a single quarter. The ending cash balance increased by RMB 5.75 billion to RMB 17.3 billion compared with that at the end of 2018. But this basically depends on selling and selling. Since March this year, Taihe has sold part of the equity of several projects in Hangzhou, Nanchang, Zhangzhou, Guangzhou, Foshan, Suzhou and other places, with a return of nearly 10 billion yuan.

Its true that we have received a lot of money from Shimaos projects. Liu Kun did not avoid this. We have also cleared up a number of land plots that have been acquired through M & A but cannot be continuously developed. For example, even if we pay a deposit of 300 million yuan, its good to return only 250 million yuan to us and stop the loss in time.

Now its just two words, payback.

Many salesmen earn more than 2 million yuan a year

In the first week after the Spring Festival this year, Taihe launched the No.1 rush to collect plan, involving four high-end plates, namely Xifu yard, Jinfu yard, jinzunfu and Beijing yard phase II, which attracted nearly 10000 brokers in Beijing with a transaction commission of 3% - 5%. Within a week, nearly 5000 groups of customers poured into the sales office, creating a weekly subscription data of 1.56 billion yuan.

According to the data of Taihe official publicity, the number of single round visits of Jinfu compound and Beijing yard in phase II is about 1500 groups. In December last year, about 800 groups of customers visited four projects in a month. Take Jinfu compound as an example. According to Liu Kun, when there are the most customers, there are 30 on-site sales with more than 50 numbers, just like going to Haidilao for dinner.

At the beginning of the year, the No.1 rush to collect plan of Taihe was actually a marketing event to rush to collect the house tickets through the promotion of new peak staggering, which had a good effect in the Beijing market. According to the reporter of daily economic news, as the ballast stone products of Taihe in the first tier cities, only two projects, Xifu and Jinfu, have brought 10 billion sales to Taihe, and the former removal rate has exceeded 60%.

In retrospect, we are quite successful in strategic choice. At the end of the year, well have another winter offensive and do a good job in strategy control. Now the big market environment is more severe, and the overall transaction data of second-hand housing is also declining, but there must be demand, but it may not be so strong in the short term, so our strategies, standards and other aspects will be more complex and a little tired. Liu Kun said frankly.

There must be common risks in the industry, but as long as there is a good product force and a stable core team, I can bargain when the market is good; when the market is bad, I can adjust the price to quickly reduce the turnover. Good products, good positioning, and accurate judgment and understanding of the market, are capable of resisting risks.

In 2018, when executives were in turmoil, Taihes marketing line-up in Beijing was relatively complete, and Liu Kun had been in Taihe for nearly seven years. Stable lineup ensures the consistency of marketing rhythm.

This year, many salespeople earn more than 2 million yuan a year because they sell well. When it comes to performance, Liu Kun is glad. According to him, at present, Taihes online signature data in Beijing is 13.6 billion yuan, and the number of projects that have not yet been online signed is about 18 billion yuan.

Precision media delivery, resource circle introduction and channel are basically the three models of Tuoke. Liu Kun told reporters that 2.5% - 5% of the channel fees are relatively used by the industry at present.

2.5% to be honest is not low. Our goods are of high value. Even if the price of a set is 20 million yuan, 2.5% will be 500000 yuan, right?

According to Liu Kun, channel customers accounted for nearly half of the turnover this year, which is very important. The common problem of the Beijing market is that many customer resources are controlled by some brokerage agencies. They have gone deep into every community, every house, every owner, and have very accurate data. So we need to match them if we need to.

At present, the reserve value in hand is more than 60 billion yuan (Beijing area). Even if we dont take the land, we can basically guarantee our two-year development. This may be Liu Kuns confidence in the task of collecting 5 billion yuan in less than two months.

Source: Daily Economic News Author: Chen Mengyu editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu Gu NF