Local police are investigating the body of a baby found in a school in Hefei

 Local police are investigating the body of a baby found in a school in Hefei

Anhui Internet University Anhui client news on the morning of November 14, a babys body was found on the playground of Wanbo Technology Vocational College, fanwa Road, Hefei. This morning, reporters from Xinan evening news, anhui.com and Da Wan client went to the school to learn that the babys body was found in the corner of the northeast of the playground yesterday morning. As for the source of the babys remains, a reporter went to the office of Wanbo Vocational College of science and technology this morning, and a staff member said that it did happen, we are investigating, but we do not know the result. At present, the police in the district have stepped in to investigate and deal with it.

At about 10:40 this morning, in the Propaganda Department Office of Wanbo vocational and technical college, a person in charge of the schools security department introduced that he had received more than 8:00 yesterday mornings report from the schools school guard staff, and learned that there was a babys body in the northeast corner of the schools playground that morning. The person in charge took several school staff to the northeast corner of the playground to check The body of a baby was found inside. It was a little boy.

After the incident, the on-site personnel reported to the police. After receiving the alarm, Jinggang police station in the jurisdiction rushed to the scene to set up a cordon. The police station also informed the Criminal Police Brigade in the jurisdiction, and the forensic medicine also rushed to the scene. According to the head of the schools security department, forensic tests say the child was born about two or three days ago.

After this incident, the Security Department of the school reported to the leader for the first time. The leader attached great importance to it and carried out a comprehensive investigation in the school. At present, it has not been found that the abandoned baby is related to Wanbo college. Further investigation is needed and is still in the process of active investigation.

Source: responsible editor of Anhui net: Li Chao, nb12814