Apples CFO also auctioned charity lunches for $50000

 Apples CFO also auctioned charity lunches for $50000

Screenshot of auction website

Maestri will have lunch with two bidders at Apples new headquarters park and the proceeds will go to Andrea Bocelli fund, the report said. Lunch will also be held with Apple employees for about an hour.

Maestri is Apples senior vice president and CFO who reports directly to cook and is responsible for Apples accounting, business support, financial planning and analysis, finance, M & A, investor relations, internal audit and tax.

It is reported that the charitys current lunch auction price is $10500, and the final transaction price is expected to be $50000. The event will end at 2 p.m. EDT on December 5.

It is worth mentioning that Apple CEO cook also held charity lunches with the help of charitybuzz in the past. Cooks last charity lunch auction was in 2017, with a closing price of $680000. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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