This years first partial share fund with double earnings came out, its better to buy fund than to speculate

 This years first partial share fund with double earnings came out, its better to buy fund than to speculate

At present, the market is still in shock. More than one month after the fierce battle, who can dominate in 2019 will be revealed one by one.

Leader fund performance over 100%

This year, a number of funds have performed bravely. The figure below is the funds that have risen by more than 90% since November 14.

At present, Guangfa Shuangqing, managed by Liu Gesong, has become the highest active equity market in 2019 with a return rate of 101.28%, and the only fund with a return rate of more than 100% this year. It is worth mentioning that the innovation and upgrading of Guangfa under the management of Liu Gesong has also achieved 93% revenue this year.

From the recent net value trend of GF Shuangqing upgrading, the net value of Nov. 13 and Nov. 14 increased rapidly, with daily yield reaching 3.83% and 2.32% respectively. The net value of fund unit also jumped from 1.8624 yuan on Nov. 12 to 1.9786 yuan on Nov. 14, so it became the first fund with yield over 100% this year. Judging from the market performance, the fund obviously benefited from the rise of technology stocks in these two days.

According to the third quarterly report of GF Shuangqing upgrading, the fund focuses on Kangtai biology, Shengbang Co., Ltd., China software, Sanan optoelectronics, Yiwei lithium energy, etc. Among them, Kangtai biology and Yiwei lithium energy increased by more than 140.79% and 150.7% this year, China software increased by more than 224.82%, and Shengbang shares increased by 367.66%. Shengbang shares have performed well in recent two days.

Liu said that with the end of the third quarter report, the adjustment of technology stocks is expected to end, and the fourth quarter may usher in better investment opportunities. The profit trend of the third quarter report is very important for the judgment of the profit trend of the fourth quarter and the performance outlook of the first two quarters of next year. The industry with relatively fast performance is expected to lead the equity market in the fourth quarter and even the first half of next year. According to the current financial report trend, the leading companies of independent controllable plate and 5g related plate continued to accelerate in the third quarter on the basis of the performance exceeding the expectation in the second quarter, showing the strong power on the demand side. In the medium and long term, it is a good time to lay out the science and technology plate, especially the independent and controllable plate.

Guangfa healthcare followed closely, with a net worth growth rate of more than 90% to 96.79% this year. Wu Xingwu, the fund manager, wrote that he is committed to selecting high-quality enterprises with deep moat, strong competitiveness and long track to buy and hold for a long time. In terms of specific structure, high-quality enterprises with innovative drugs, pharmaceutical R & D outsourcing services, private medical services and medical devices are taken as key positions, and leading enterprises in pharmacy, consumer goods, vaccines, medical testing and other fields are properly allocated The company has evaded the generic drugs and consumables and other sectors which are greatly affected by the relevant policies such as medical insurance and fee control. The layout of our biologics, Aier Ophthalmology, Changchun hi tech, Tongce medical, Hengrui medicine, etc. all performed well.

According to the third quarter report selected by Yinhuas domestic demand, Liu Hui made investment allocation under the basic framework of agricultural year, the first year of science and technology. Among the top ten stocks in the top ten positions at the end of the third quarter, Zhaoyi innovation and Shengbang shares increased 191.3% and 367.66% this year. However, Yisheng shares, Minhe shares, the heavyweight shares, rose 275.81% and 204.98% respectively.

Boshi healthcare industry a also performed well, with an increase of more than 90% this year. Ge Chen wrote in the quarterly report that this year is a big year for the performance of the pharmaceutical industry, with a high degree of performance certainty and a strong comparative advantage over other industries in the market. In the pharmaceutical industry, the industry leaders, policy beneficiaries and policy immune targets all perform well in performance and stock price. In the investment, the core position of these targets is preferred, and the excess earnings are obtained by deeply mining some stocks whose stock price is at the bottom and the expectation difference is large. The top five major stocks are Changchun hi tech, Wuxi apptec, Hengrui pharmaceutical, Mindray medical and Sinopharm, many of which have outperformed 100% this year.

In addition, the theme fund of medical and health care is the one with better performance this year. The theme of medical and health care of Agricultural Bank of China, China Europe medical and health C, etc. also performed well, with an income of more than 90%.

This years A-share market represents a structural bull market of core assets, with high growth in consumption, medicine, technology and other fields, especially leading stocks in the industry. And the equity funds that seize the market opportunity show great courage.

More than three years later, double fund reappearance

From the perspective of historical returns of funds, under the background of a good basic market, the annual returns of equity funds are often doubled. This years first performance doubling fund means that there will be another fund with annual performance doubling after more than three years.

The doubling of pile up performance occurred in 2007. According to the data, 146 funds earned more than 100% in that year, and the best fund in China earned 226.24%, which was the only fund with a yield of more than 200% in that year, and also made Wang Yawei a star fund manager.

Benefiting from the good basic market in 200 years, 2006 was also the year when the performance of the fund doubled. At that time, 90 funds achieved annual earnings of more than 100%. The best performing Jingshun great wall saw an increase in domestic demand, with earnings of more than 182. SAIC Morgan alpha, China advantage of SAIC Morgan and the value of Wells Fargo Tianyi all performed well.

In 2015, the growth stock bull market also doubled the income of a group of funds that seized the opportunity. E Fondas emerging growth, rich countries low-carbon environmental protection, Xinhua Industry rotation configuration, Changsheng electronic information theme, and Pudong AXAs strategic emerging industries performed well.

In 2009, the returns of 12 funds doubled, and Chinas market selection continued to make great progress and also achieved good returns. In addition, Yinhuas core value optimization and Xinhuas optimization also performed well.

In 2014, the income of one fund doubled to that of ICBC Credit Suisse financial real estate, with the income of over 102% in that year. In the same year, there were some sub new funds established in the middle of the year that made more than 100% in more than half a year. For example, e-fontas non bank ETF was established in about half a year, and its yield reached 137% by the end of 2014.

Although this years overall A-share index growth is not too big, there are still a number of funds that have far exceeded the indexs performance. This is related to the gradual differentiation of the market. A group of high-quality individual stocks with actual performance support are outstanding, while small cap stocks such as concept stocks and poor performance are weak, and institutional investors advantages in investment and research are gradually revealed.

2019 annual performance Championship still full of smoke

Although Guangfa Shuangqing has been upgraded to be the champion of active equity funds with a revenue of more than 100% since this year, there are still more than one month left in this year, and there are six funds with a performance of more than 90%. The performance gap is not large, and the battle for the champion of fund performance will still be full of smoke. More than one month after the fierce battle, who can dominate will be revealed.

Top 30 active equity funds

(excluding class C shares of graded Fund)

(net value end date: November 14, data source: common equity fund only)

Top 30 active hybrid funds

(excluding classified funds and class C shares)

(deadline for net worth: November 14, data source: only partial stock mix, flexible allocation, balanced mix, partial debt Mix)

Source: responsible editor of China Fund News: Ren Hui, nbj9607