Police destroy a set of loan platform: more than one million users, including thousands of apps

 Police destroy a set of loan platform: more than one million users, including thousands of apps

Xinhua news agency, Harbin, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- the reporter learned from the Heilongjiang provincial public security department that the police in Qitaihe, Heilongjiang Province recently cracked the 7.30 set loan project supervised by the Ministry of public security, destroyed the alpha image system platform specialized in operating the app for set loan criminal groups, and realized the implementation of set loan fund criminal groups, collection groups and help set loan crime We should take a full chain and ecological attack on technical service providers, data support service providers, payment service providers and promotion service providers.

On May 25 this year, a resident of Qitaihe City reported that after she borrowed 1500 yuan (1050 yuan in actual account) from the app, she was constantly arbitraged by the arbitrage loan platform. The platform pushes 55 arbitrage loan apps to it to induce it to continue loan repayment. In five months, she has accumulated 350000 yuan of debt that has been arbitraged and has to repay more than 20000 yuan every day.

Qitaihe Municipal Public Security Bureau set up the 7.30 project headquarters, and dispatched competent police forces to set up the project team. Starting from August 10, around the two criminal chains of alpha image system technical service provider and Jinqiang routine loan app, we carried out comprehensive network collection and centralized attack, and successively arrested 80 suspects involved in the case.

The police found out that in order to obtain high illegal interests, Tianke Anhua (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. headed by Zou developed alpha image system platform and customized app for routine loan, and rented routine loan system at the price of 48800 yuan, 78800 yuan, 108800 yuan and 200000 yuan each year. Based on the alpha image system, the company has customized thousands of apps for arbitrage loan. When it was defeated, there were more than 200 arbitrage loan apps running online.

In order to attract customers, Tianke Anhua company provides one-stop services such as promotion, introduction and collection, docking with third-party payment companies and data companies for criminal gangs that rent system platforms and customize apps in their companies. According to statistics, there are millions of registered users nationwide in the alpha elephant system, many borrowers are harassed, intimidated, threatened and soft violent, and some of them commit suicide because they cant bear high debts and frequent collection.

At the same time, the police found that a third-party payment company in Shanghai knowingly provided third-party payment services for the alpha like system, opened merchant channels to help the alpha like system platform to carry out the alpha like illegal crime and illegally seek high profits. Three science and technology companies in Shanghai and Hangzhou are specialized in developing data risk control products, providing risk control and collection support services for alpha image and other arbitrage loan system platforms, and selling illegally obtained personal information of citizens to arbitrage loan criminal gangs, providing risk control services and collection support for them, making illegal profits.

At present, the case is under further trial.

Source: Xinhuanet editor in charge: Li Chao, nb12814