Microsoft plans to launch game streaming service xcloud PC in 2020

 Microsoft plans to launch game streaming service xcloud PC in 2020

In addition, Microsoft plans to integrate project xcloud with Xbox game pass next year, allowing players to watch live games directly from the cloud through the companys subscription service. However, Microsoft did not disclose the price or exact release date of the service.

Kareem Choudhry, head of Microsofts cloud games business, was asked how the company would handle keyboard and mouse support when Xbox games expanded to PCs through xcloud. After all, there arent many Xbox games that support keyboard and mouse, and its a big challenge to get developers involved. There are legitimate concerns about Xbox game content right now, but we will have more types of content in the future, Mr Chaudhry said

It sounds like Microsoft plans to watch PC games live through xcloud in the future, but jodhry is just hinting at the possibility. Microsoft doesnt exactly promise where xcloud will eventually go.

Despite Microsofts announcement that it will launch xcloud in 2020 and expand beyond Android, the iPad and iPhone are still not on the support list. However, that may soon change. Catherine GLUCKSTEIN, xclouds director, explained: weve got a prototype application and its starting to run, its doing well. We hope that it will be released on IOS and at the right time. We are working with apple.

In addition to the xboxone wireless handle, Microsoft xcloud will also accept third-party handle support. Microsoft plans to support Sonys dual shock4 handle, as well as thunderobots Bluetooth handle and game pad in xcloud next year. For those who are used to the PS4 handle but want to play halo, Forza or other Xbox games through xcloud, this will be a very popular move.

A key part of Microsofts xcloud testing will be to ensure that the service is also available worldwide. Microsoft will expand its xcloud preview to Canada, India, Japan and Western Europe next year. Its not clear when these countries will get access, but its significant that Microsoft is expanding into India.

Xcloud could be a huge opportunity for Microsoft in India, especially when Xbox one consoles are underperforming in the country where Playstation sales are dominant. While Microsoft is expanding to other countries during the xcloud preview, this does not guarantee that these markets will start.

Microsoft is clearly starting to talk more about xcloud in the near future as its main competitor, Google, prepares to launch the standia service next week. Google is pushing ahead with its release plan, compared with Microsofts relatively slow approach. (small)

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report