Inferior concrete flows into the market and spreads to dozens of real estate projects

 Inferior concrete flows into the market and spreads to dozens of real estate projects

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In addition, the strength of some concrete components of Changsha New Hualian dream city also failed to meet the design requirements, so it was forced to stop work.

After testing, the reason why the above two projects fail to meet the standards is that they all purchased the commercial concrete of Hunan tuoyu Concrete Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hunan tuoyu).

According to Sanxiang City daily, the concrete strength standard only reaches C15, which should be the problem of concrete raw materials. Hunan tuoyu mixing station mixed unqualified sand in the production of concrete, the concrete raw materials were not filtered, mixed with a lot of soil. Mr. Chen, President of the ready mixed concrete association of Yongzhou City, said that this will lead to low viscosity and insufficient strength of concrete, which will seriously cause wall collapse or even the collapse of the whole building, and will greatly reduce the seismic level of the building and its ability to cope with other extreme situations.

In addition, according to the notice issued by Changsha housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau on September 9, a total of 59 projects in Changsha used the concrete of Hunan tuoyu in the same period; of the 22 projects that have been tested, the concrete strength of 20 projects meets the design requirements, and the concrete strength of 2 buildings of 2 projects does not meet the standards; the concrete problems of 37 projects are still under field test. At present, Hunan tuoyu Concrete Co., Ltd. has been completely shut down.

Each editor noted that the data from qixinbao showed that Hunan tuoyu had been listed in the list of dishonest executors by the court.

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Problem concrete building: one is being demolished and the other is being shut down

According to the report of Changsha Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development, C10 building in the third bid of new City International Flower City Phase V and 13 Building in the second bid of new Hualian dream city project phase II are confirmed to have used problem concrete which leads to the strength of concrete components not up to standard, and some floors need to be demolished and rebuilt. How are these two projects doing?

New Town International Flower capital: demolition time is about 4 months

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The new City International Flower capital project is located near the intersection of Leifeng Avenue and Yinxing Road, Wangcheng District, Changsha City. The building with problem concrete found in this inspection is C10 building in phase V near Xinxiang South Road.

The new City International Flower capital involved buildings are 34 floors high and have been built to 27 floors. According to the requirements, demolition and reconstruction will be carried out for more than 12 floors.

According to, the top and bottom of C10 building are covered by construction protection frames and nets, and there is a sharp cutting sound on the roof from time to time. Two elevators are lifting. A tower crane stands by and lifts a pile of cement blocks to the ground. According to the floor shown on the exterior wall, it has been demolished to more than 20 floors by visual inspection.

This is the building. Its been demolished these days. Next to building C10 is building F9, which belongs to phase 6 of new City International Flower capital. Problem concrete building, which has also become a hot topic for community residents.

According to Yang Yan, deputy director of customer service of Changsha new city Wanbo Real Estate Co., Ltd., the developer of the project, there are 11 buildings in the whole five phases, including more than 130 houses in C10, which have been sold more than 80%. The original delivery time was the end of 2020.

The demolition cycle can take up to four months, and if there is no other delay, there should be no problem in delivering the house on time. Yang Yan said.

Previously, on October 28, Changsha new city Wanbo Real Estate Co., Ltd. issued a notice letter to the owner, explaining the problem concrete, and decided to cut and demolish the relevant floors and comprehensively rework and rebuild them.

New Hualian dream city: the buildings involved will be strengthened after being shut down

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Like the new City International Flower City, the new Hualian dream city also uses the concrete supplied by Hunan tuoyu Concrete Co., Ltd., and the 21-25 floors of 13 buildings in the second phase of the Project 1.1 are affected.

At present, the external walls of 13 buildings are blocked by the construction grid, the construction of the building has been suspended, and the construction of other buildings is still in progress.

Wang Qiang, engineering director of Hunan new Hualian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., a developer of new Hualian dream city, said that the concrete used in 13 buildings under 20 floors was not from Hunan tuoyu Concrete Co., Ltd. the building was shut down during the construction process and only resumed construction in August this year. It is planned to build 32 floors. After resumption of construction, the concrete of Hunan tuoyu Concrete Co., Ltd. was used for floors 21 to 25.

The third party company is requested to conduct comprehensive inspection, listen to experts opinions and determine the reinforcement scheme. After the reinforcement is completed, the third party is invited to conduct inspection. Wang Qiang said that after the final determination of the plan, he will fully communicate with the owner.

According to the report of Changsha housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau on November 9, there are 59 real estate projects using concrete of Hunan tuoyu Concrete Co., Ltd. in Changsha in the same period. Of the 22 projects tested, 20 projects meet the design requirements in terms of concrete strength, another 2 projects do not meet the requirements in terms of concrete strength, and the remaining 37 projects are under test.

The problem concrete supplier is the person who is dishonest and executed

According to a previous notice from Changsha housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, tuoyu in Hunan Province has been shut down. On November 5, Changsha Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development has organized a special meeting of the person in charge of the project supervision organization, the technical director of the construction unit and the director of the supervision unit, which requires further on-site inspection of the concrete supply project of Hunan tuoyu Concrete Co., Ltd.

Next, Changsha housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau will focus on the following three aspects:

First, carry out in-depth special law enforcement inspection. Carry out quality inspection on all projects under construction and ready mixed concrete production enterprises in the city, further consolidate the main responsibility of enterprises, and fully guarantee the quality and safety of housing construction and municipal engineering.

Second, strengthen the quality supervision of the problem projects. The Bureau of housing and urban rural development will instruct the local regulatory authorities to deal with the construction, construction, supervision and other responsible main units of the project in strict accordance with the design requirements to ensure the safety of the main structure.

Third, the investigation and handling procedures shall be started in accordance with laws and regulations. On the basis of comprehensive on-site inspection and investigation, the main units responsible for the construction, construction and supervision of the project and the ready mixed concrete enterprises shall be investigated and dealt with seriously, and the treatment results shall be released to the society.

Source: CCTV Finance

According to CCTV economic news, at present, six production lines in the whole plant area of tuoyu in Hunan Province have been shut down, workers are off, and the legal representative of the company is cooperating with the investigation.

The six production lines of the company are managed by three persons in charge, which operate independently and bear their own profits and losses. Although the raw materials are not purchased uniformly, they will be subject to unified quality inspection when leaving the factory. At present, only the concrete produced by line 5 and line 6 has quality problems, and the other four production lines have no similar situation.

In 2016, tuoyu concrete company obtained the qualification of ready mixed concrete professional contracting regardless of grade construction enterprise from Changsha housing and Urban Rural Development Commission, and the current certificate is still within the validity period. After finding out the problem, the companys concrete production line stopped half since late October, and the insurance money for the trucks transporting concrete has not been settled.

In February 2018, Hunan tuoyu was ruled by the peoples Court of Wangcheng District, Changsha City to freeze the companys bank deposit of 9.61 million yuan, but because of its inability to perform, it was included in the list of dishonest executors. In recent two years, the company has also been involved in a number of sales contract disputes, with a total amount of more than 10 million yuan.

Comment: who let inferior concrete enter the market

Recently, Shen Deliang, a commentator of Hunan Daily, published an article entitled who let inferior concrete enter the market. The full text is as follows:

On the evening of November 9, Changsha Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development issued a notice to the outside world that the flow of inferior concrete from Hunan tuoyu concrete company to the market began to show an iceberg.

According to the report, there are 59 projects in Changsha that use the companys concrete in the same period; of the 22 projects that have been tested, 20 projects meet the design requirements of concrete strength, and 2 projects fail to meet the requirements of concrete strength of 2 buildings; the other 37 projects are still undergoing on-site testing of concrete problems.

At both ends of market supply and demand, the products are good and bad, which is normal. The responsibility of the government is to ensure the best and drive the worst. Ive seen houses built with low cost, and Ive never seen tuoyu concrete company so bold.

Live and work in peace and contentment, with safety first. The high-rise buildings, as the main material of the concrete, is a key link to ensure safety. Developers, constructors and supervisors should perform their own duties and responsibilities. Meanwhile, as the relevant government functional departments of tangible hand, they must also play the role of night watchman.

It is reported that tuoyu company has already suffered from bad deeds, and its supervision should have been more attentive and suspicious. However, through the exposure of this tuoyu incident, all relevant links have almost become Scarecrow. If this time is not because of the owners proof and the follow-up of the self media, isnt this bad enterprise still prosperous in production and marketing?

A suite, pouring a lot of peoples life-long efforts, the hope of a happy life. Hand in money, hand in house, like other market transactions, any owner has a good reason to get a set of real estate that should not be worried about the safety of living. From this point of view, the inferior concrete of tuoyu company flows into the real estate market freely, and the relevant administrative and regulatory departments should also learn the lessons of oversight and dereliction of duty.

Its not over yet. Tuoyu company is bound to be guilty, but those who intentionally or unintentionally purchase and use inferior concrete construction parties and supervisors who shoulder the responsibility of supervision should also be held responsible by laws and industry regulations.

If you live forever, you will die.. A few days ago, the infamous Changchun longevity creature was adjudicated bankrupt by the local court. The former industry leader has become a stigma column to warn the whole industry. Any enterprise that dares to break through the bottom line of safety and trample on the public order and good customs of the society is unlikely to end well.

The investigation and punishment of the bad will certainly expand the space for the good money. To learn from this, rectifying the black sheep in Changsha real estate market will only make the whole market healthier and more residents have a proper sense of security and happiness.

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