Cant take it underwear has become a special product of Guanyun in Northern Jiangsu

 Cant take it underwear has become a special product of Guanyun in Northern Jiangsu

Zhu Zhantao was the first person in Guanyun midnight charm factory to try to sell sexy underwear on social platform. He spent half a year exploring and learning Taobao live, fasthand and QQ live. Oriental IC chart

Editors note:

In September and October, first finance and economics sent multiple journalists to investigate in many small towns across the country.

Most of the towns we chose were originally anonymous, but they contained unexpected industries - leading industries in China and even in the world. Most of these industries give people a sense of indifference and subtlety. Most of them have no tradition or foundation in the local area. For example, the seeds that come with the wind fall into a piece of wasteland, absorb nutrition, grow savagely, and then blossom and bear fruit, showing vigorous original strength.

If we compare the whole social and economic system to a body, these towns and industries, perhaps like the capillaries of fingers, are subtle, sensitive and flexible. The more comfortable and stronger the capillaries are, the more powerful the fist and the palm are.

We try to restore the process of these industries from scratch, from germination to growth, understand the ups and downs of their growth, summarize the experience and lessons, and raise some concerns. For example, these industries are often not planned. When they flourish into towering trees, or even scenic forests, they are often doomed to be planned. Will such arrangements also kill their genes of development and innovation?

We even have more ambitions, hoping to reflect the business profile of a certain period and a place through these samples and stories. First finance and economics will successively launch a series of reports on small cities and large industries, recording the original strength of Chinas economy.

Now, in the workshops, factories and warehouses in the villages of Guanyun County, lingerie has become the industry that tens of thousands of local people depend on for their livelihood. Oriental IC chart

In a room in Guanyun County, Ms. Zhang chatted with her companions and sealed each piece of clothing into the express bag while the companions pasted the printed express bill and threw it into the express box nearby.

For Ms. Zhang and her colleagues, this is just a daily routine. The express list printed daily necessities, clothing and other words, but the package is commonly known as sexy underwear of all colors sexy clothing. In Guanyun County, where they are located, there are hundreds of interesting underwear companies that send at least 20 million such parcels to the whole country and even the world every day.

Guanyun County, located in the north of Jiangsu Province, was once a famous poverty-stricken county in Jiangsu Province. The local government also used a lot of brains to improve the economy. But no one thought that a group of post-90s raised the local economy and reputation to a new level by virtue of their interesting underwear.

Lu Xijuan, director of e-commerce Office of Guanyun County Bureau of Commerce, said in an interview with the first finance and Economics 1 u2103, in Guanyun County, there are more than 500 interesting underwear manufacturers with a certain scale, more than 3000 Taobao Department online stores, with annual sales of nearly 2 billion yuan, driving more than 20000 local people to work. Some rural people who work in other places have also returned to join the industry.

According to an e-commerce summary of Guanyun County Bureau of Commerce, at present, there are nearly 3000 Taobao Department active retail stores in Guanyun County, which are mainly distributed in the urban and rural junction of each township. The products are mainly clothing, jewelry, health care, personal care and make-up, and the online sales of interest underwear account for 60% - 70% of the national share. Guanyun county has gradually become the city of lingerie.

Ten years later, lingerie is still a shy word in the local area, but now it has become an industry that tens of thousands of local people depend on for their livelihood in the workshops, factories and warehouses in Guanyun county.

Ten years ago, Guanyuns specialty was doudan (PEA moth larva, commonly known as douchong ). Now, when my friends chat with outsiders, they will half joke that the most famous specialty here is not doudan, but lingerie. Guanyun county government official said.


In general, lingerie belongs to adult products, but the enlightenment and forerunner of the lingerie industry in Guanyun county is a post-90s generation.

In 2006, Lei congrui, who was in high school, first contacted Obviously, he is not a good kid in the eyes of the public. In order to play games, he skipped classes and learned to buy and sell equipment on Taobao. Therefore, he contacted and understood the e-commerce mode. Then leicongrui encouraged his newly unemployed mother to open the first Taobao store with him. At that time, Taobao had just been established for three years, and was in a fierce battle with its rival eBay (later acquired by eBay). In order to attract and attract more small and medium-sized sellers, Taobao not only proposed opening stores for free, but also did not have too many restrictions on the business categories of online stores.

At the beginning of leicongruis online shop, it sold health care products of Amway and Guozhen, slippers, cosmetics, condoms and lingerie. It can be said that what it is to make money and what it is to sell. It mainly depends on a low-cost mode.

In 2008, Taobao began to tighten the policy, and even only one seller was allowed to sell a class of products when the control was most strict. The cosmetics low-cost collusion mode, which originally brought major profits to leicongrui, began to be boycotted by manufacturers. Of course, the online store will continue to open, and he began to think about what to sell.

Leicongrui searched Taobao for the products he sold one by one, and found that only the sellers of sexy underwear were the least, so he locked them into the sales category of his online shop, which opened the door for him to make money quickly.

Leicongruis parents and relatives gradually discovered his secret of making money and opened online stores on Taobao. The effect of making money quickly spread in the local area. For a while, Taobao has more than 100 online stores specializing in lingerie, most of which are opened by Guanyun people.

The online store is open. Where is the source of goods? Leicongrui will collect your orders, and then talk with the upstream manufacturers about the lower purchase price. Because of the large quantity, the original 24 yuan goods, the manufacturers are willing to reduce to 22 yuan, and he will increase the price of these goods by 2 yuan each, and transfer them to wholesale. At that time, most of the interest underwear manufacturers in China were concentrated in Guangzhou, but these manufacturers could not see the single retail profit of Taobao, and were more willing to focus on 1688 net wholesale and receiving foreign trade orders, which became the opportunity for leicongrui.

With more and more orders for goods, leicongruis mother and son began to ponder transformation. In 2009, they took out more than 200000 yuan to buy raw materials and equipment and set up their own production team.

Guanyun County, an interesting underwear factory warehouse. Photography / Ma Ji Dynasty

With my mother, there are only seven workers. Leicongrui said that at that time, labor was also cheap. When workers made one garment, the Commission was a few cents. When there were more, one worker could make one hundred and eighty pieces a day, and one workers monthly salary was more than 1000 yuan. Finally, the cost of a piece of lingerie is only 67 yuan. At this time, I know that these manufacturers in Guangzhou are really making money. One piece is making 167 yuan for me.

Later, when relatives and friends came to pick up the goods, the mother and son reduced the price of the goods from 24 yuan to 8 yuan. Leicongrui said to these relatives, dont sell them too expensive. They can earn 34 yuan for one piece, so they can sell more.

Guanyun countys interest underwear industry, which began to gradually get rid of Guangzhou, and even fight against each other.

The price of Taobaos lingerie has been lowered by 50%. Guangzhous lingerie has been gradually nibbled by these Guanyun gang in Taobaos market.

(at that time) Guangzhous clothing quality was better than our Guanyuns, but their cost was a little higher, and the terminal price couldnt go down. However, Taobao at that time, there was no brand of sexy underwear, and most buyers didnt recognize the quality, just the price. There is no business in Guangzhou (on Taobao). Review of leicongrui.

In 2011, Guanyun sellers suddenly cut their prices collectively, reducing the price of a black lace underwear with the best sales volume to 9.9 yuan for online package.

In fact, I didnt have much brand experience at that time, and I couldnt make a lot of money selling one, but the shipment volume was large. In the end, this kind of lingerie suddenly became the best popular item for online sales, selling more than 50 million pieces in total, including more than 10 million pieces, which were produced by leicongruis factory.

With small profits and quick turnover, this explosive fund almost supports one area of our country. Leicongrui said that at that time, it would cost hundreds of thousands of yuan to open a processing plant, but by copying this money, it may finally survive.

In those two years (2011 and 2012), many of those who set up factories around me earned money from this, and finally became the first batch of sellers with annual sales of more than 10 million in Guanyun county. Today, there are more than 35 enterprises with annual sales of 50 million to 100 million yuan in Guanyun County, several of which have grown up in that wave, including his own factories, he said.

Blossom everywhere

One consequence of the price war is that the sharp weapon originally used to fight against Guangzhou manufacturers has evolved into a group fight between Guanyun sellers, which competes with each other to bargain for a price of 9.9 yuan, or even 6.6 yuan. Even the cost is not enough. We have to pay the freight.

This result, obviously, was unexpected for leicongrui. That year, I lost 34 million yuan, and even the company almost closed. In desperation, leicongrui had to demobilize some of the more than 700 workers in the factory. At the same time, he encouraged workers to go home and start businesses and become his producers.

Leicongrui explained that the original idea was to save wages and keep workers away from competitors. For example, before, the average monthly wage of a worker in his factory was 3000 yuan. Many families can earn 12000 yuan a month. If they go home to open workshops and buy equipment, they can also earn 100000 yuan a year. Although they earn almost the same amount of money, the cost of the products is reduced, because they are the owners and have high efficiency, equivalent to direct We have wiped out our previous costs.

Colleagues around followed leicongruis example. Overnight, there were more than 100 family workshops in Guanyun County, which were distributed in Yishan town and dongwangji town. The whole interest underwear industry in Guanyun county has also started a more detailed era of process division: factories and big sellers are responsible for product research and development and sewing of main processes, and then give the downstream workshops such trivial work as buttons and lock eyes to complete.

In this way, a lingerie full of ambiguity in the eyes of outsiders. In Guanyun County, the designer first draws a picture, then the big tailor sews the sample clothes according to the picture, and then assigns the workers to copy and cut the materials such as lace, mesh, white cloth strip and black ribbon according to the sample clothes plate, and then hands them to the downstream workshops to complete the process of thread cutting, button sewing, lock eye, etc., and finally becomes a piece Parcels of daily necessities are sent to the whole country by express.

In Guanyun, the factory and the big seller are responsible for the research and development of the products and the sewing of the main process, and then hand over the trivial work such as button and lock eye to the downstream workshop to complete. Oriental IC chart

At this time, leicongrui, together with its partners, took further measures to help its midnight charm company to continue to upgrade to the upstream: instead of being a traditional lingerie producer, it was an order acceptor and operator, taking orders from global buyers, and then distributing them to the downstream small and medium-sized factories and family workshops, while midnight charm company controlled production in the middle Product quality.

Some family workshops that have preliminarily completed the original accumulation also want to go up and produce underwear. But they can take out hundreds of thousands of yuan at once to enter the raw materials and make them feel hard. What should they do? Big sellers, including midnight charm company, will go to more upstream fabric suppliers, build a warehouse in Guanyun, and I will find customers for you. And persuade these suppliers to supply to the family workshops that may only take several kilograms of fabric each time.

In 2014 alone, a supplier sold 20 million yuan of fabrics in Guanyun, said Lei congrui. In 2013, they didnt sell 20 million yuan in Jiangsu. Another unexpected result is that the manufacturers who sell sewing machines are also Crazy. When the owners earn money, they buy Sewing machines and can earn money by putting them on. From the beginning of the new year, the equipment manufacturers start to install equipment and work until the beginning of the next year, they have no time to rest

That year, Guanyun countys sexy underwear industry ushered in a big explosion.

Lei congrui said that before 2013, there were at most 100 factories in the whole Guanyun County, and the scale was not large. In addition to hundreds of workers in my factory, there are dozens of workers in other factories, and there are more than 10 factories. The rest are small workshops. But when 2014 was over, Lei congrui and others suddenly found that the workshops with more than 10 people had been upgraded to factories. Some workers, seeing the boss making money, went home to open workshops and factories. The wages of the workers have been rising since then. Before 2014, the wages of workers were increasing every year, but they were still relatively stable, with an increase of one or two hundred yuan every year, said Lei congrui. In 2014, when the wages reached more than 2000 yuan, people could still be recruited, and others were willing to work. But by 2015, the wages had risen to more than 3000 yuan, and then by 2017, the wages had soared directly to more than 5000 yuan. Now, the workers who get more than 7000 yuan a month are working in Its all over the place.

Until then, the interest underwear industry, which has grown quietly for many years in Guanyun County, began to attract the attention of local governments.

Li Laigang, the mayor of Dongwang market town, said that he was transferred to Dongwang market town in 2001, but until 2011, he did not know that the town he managed had become one of the largest producing areas of interesting underwear in China. In the end, I was surprised to hear from the local postal department that Guanyuns underwear delivery volume is far ahead of the rest of the country.

In that year (2014), Guanyun County added at least 500 new factories. Instead, I have fewer and fewer workers. Said leicongrui.

Make up the short board

An official from Guanyun County Bureau of commerce also said that when the interest underwear industry was just emerging in the past few years, they also had an internal meeting to discuss the matter. Finally, they felt that the industry was a bit out of hand and was not well meaning to support on the face. I didnt expect it to develop so fast. Later, they saw that this industry can not only help farmers achieve income increase, but also promote the development of local related industries, enhance the popularity of Guanyun County, and even boost the local investment promotion work, and began to gradually increase the support for the interest underwear industry, the official said.

Guanyun County Economic and Information Bureau said in a report that the development of the interest underwear industry on the one hand can promote the economic and social development of Guanyun County, on the other hand is a project for peoples livelihood and benefiting people.

In order to attract more interesting clothing enterprises and related raw material supporting enterprises to settle down in Guanyun, Guanyun county has held three consecutive interesting products exhibitions since 2017, inviting economic entities such as national interesting products and instruments, interesting underwear, surface auxiliary materials, machinery, e-commerce platforms to investigate in Guanyun County, with full support of government financial funds.

However, in the eyes of Lei congrui and others, although Guanyun county has a high market share in the interest underwear industry, it still lags far behind the manufacturers in Guangzhou and other Pearl River Delta regions.

On the other side of Guangzhou, the overall state of the industrial chain is much better than Guanyun. He said that the advantage of the Pearl River Delta area in the interest underwear industry is that the upstream cloth suppliers are complete and the material output response speed is particularly fast. For example, the cloth of Guanyun mostly comes from purchasing goods and entering the warehouse, and then selecting materials from the inventory to match the demand. The printing and dyeing factories and printing factories in Guangzhou are very complete, even if there is no ready-made goods preparation, made here Printing over there, the boss will squat at the door and guard it. It can be shipped in 3 days. As a result, the same underwear can be delivered in 7 days in Guangzhou, and Guanyun can be delivered in at least 15 days; the same output value of 10 million yuan can be completed by 30 people in Guangzhou, while in Guanyun, it needs 89 or 90 workers.

In order to improve the level of products, leicongrui even hired a more professional high-end brand designer in Guangzhou with a monthly salary of 50000 yuan, because Guanyun County really lacks some high-end interesting underwear with original elements, and this designer, on average, can sell a piece of work for 20000 dollars, and at the highest, a set of wedding dress for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If Guanyun wants to continue to consolidate its advantages, it must make up the short board as soon as possible, which is the supply chain of upstream and downstream. Leicongrui said that the competitiveness before Guanyun was mainly based on the price advantage formed by cheap labor, but in the future, the competition will be about the integrity of the supply chain and the innovation of products, which still have a long way to go.

Leicongrui also said that with the gathering of interest underwear industry in Guanyun, some related carton factories, packaging factories and tag factories have also settled in the local area. In the next step, they will actively cooperate with the government to strive for the early landing of the upstream fabric processing factory in Guanyun.

(sexy underwear) after all, it is labor-intensive. With the rising cost of labor and living, the profit will be lower and lower. Lu Xijuan told the reporter at 1 u2103, now, the whole Guanyun countys sexy underwear is facing transformation and upgrading. One is to de interest and focus on sexy transformation through the development of bachelors clothing, graduation clothing and other multi categories of clothing; the other is to strengthen the brand. Before, the quality of Guanyuns sexy underwear was low-end, and it will be developed to the middle and high-end brand in the future. At the same time, the local industry standard is also being developed, it cant be said that the mention of sexy underwear is very low-end, which is not long. At present, the industry standard of interest underwear led by Guanyun county is being formulated, which will also help to promote the transformation and upgrading of the countys interest underwear and clothing industry.

Guanyun county is planning to build a characteristic theme clothing industry town with a total investment of 3.25 billion yuan and an area of 1696 mu in Dongcheng District in three years. At present, the planning and design of the town named Yiqu has been completed. On the renderings of the construction site, a white steel structure building is about to become the reception hall of Guanyun Yiqu town. It looks like a white butterfly with wings spreading, more like an enlarged female underwear.

At that time, Guanyun Yiqu town will focus on the scene, customization, personalization and other theme clothing consumption, build a whole industry chain platform with the theme clothing industry as the leader, integrating R & D design, fabric accessories, e-commerce operation, warehousing and logistics, Expo trading, supply chain financial services and so on, and attract the leading enterprises of the domestic interest underwear industry to settle in, Make it a well-known industrial agglomeration highland in China, and finally develop Guanyuns interest underwear industry into an industrial sector that attracts 80000 jobs and annual sales of more than 5 billion yuan.

Source: First Financial Editor: Guo Chenqi, nbj9931