15 years ago, a man was executed for raping and killing a female driver

 15 years ago, a man was executed for raping and killing a female driver

According to the legal documents disclosed yesterday by Shizuishan intermediate court, after the trial, at about 15:00 on October 24, 2004, when Yang Zhihui, the defendant, rented a taxi driven by Liu Mou, the victim, to the vicinity of team 6, jiaolongkou village, Shizuishan City, the two sides had a dispute over the fare.

After that, Yang Zhihui used threats to sexually assault the victim in the taxi. At about 18 oclock that day, Yang Zhihui took the victim to the nearby canal and killed him, then sank the body into the canal, took the victims cell phone and more than 200 yuan of cash and fled the scene.

On September 25, 2017, Yang Zhihui was arrested in a shop in Huinong district.

After hearing the case, the intermediate court of Shizuishan city held that Yang Zhihui, the defendant, had sexual relations with her by means of threats against the will of women; he intentionally and illegally deprived other peoples lives, resulting in the death of one person, and his acts constituted the crime of rape and the crime of intentional homicide respectively.

Shizuishan intermediate court, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the criminal law of China, punishes the defendant Yang Zhihui for both crimes and deprives him of political rights for life.

After the sentence, the defendant Yang Zhihui appealed. After hearing, Ningxia High Court ruled to reject the appeal, maintain the original judgment and report to the Supreme Court according to law. After the review of the Supreme Court, it approved the criminal ruling of Ningxia High Court on the defendant Yang Zhihuis decision to execute the death penalty and deprive him of political rights for life.

The complainant of rape and murder of a young woman 25 years ago has been released

A man in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province, was sentenced to life imprisonment for raping and killing a young woman 25 years ago. After commutation, he was released after more than 24 years in prison in January this year. After the man was released from prison, he complained that he was not the murderer. Shaanxi High Court immediately launched the case review.