Quan Jian collapses and Shu Yuhui is sued! My son asked Li Xiaolu to offer his blessing when he got married

 Quan Jian collapses and Shu Yuhui is sued! My son asked Li Xiaolu to offer his blessing when he got married

300 days after the collapse of the empire of power and health, the dust still rises.

On November 14, the peoples Procuratorate of Wuqing District of Tianjin issued a public notice. Due to the suspected crimes of organizing and leading pyramid selling, the procuratorate of Wuqing District filed a public prosecution against Quan Jian Natural Medicine Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Zhu Yuhui. Since January 7, Tianjin police have detained 18 suspects, such as Mr. Hu, according to law, about 300 days have passed since Quan Jian collapsed.

Tianyan inspection shows that Quanjian natural medicine science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. involved in the case was established in 2004 with a registered capital of 345 million yuan, mainly engaged in natural medicine development, health care product manufacturing, traditional Chinese medicine acquisition, import and export of goods and other business areas. The legal representative of the company is Chen Yilong, in which Quanjian Group Co., Ltd. holds 75.36% of the shares, Shu Yuhui holds 22.17% of the shares, and his son, Shu Changjing, holds 2.46%.

In addition, the shareholders of Quanjian Group Co., Ltd. are also Yu Hui and Chang Jing. Among them, Yu Hui holds 51.1% and Chang Jing holds 48.9%.

It is found that there are still dozens of companies under the name of Mr. Zhu Yuhui and his son, and the gross registered capital is estimated to be more than 3 billion yuan. Among them, beam Yuhui owns 40 companies including Quanjian group, Jiangsu Quanjian Technology Development Co., Ltd., etc., but many of them have been suspended. In addition to being partially overlapped with his father, he holds a higher stake in Tianjin seabird and Shanghai kingci.

To do things, to build momentum first is his mantra.

In September 2014, Mr. Yu Hui, who had little capital, returned to his hometown and made a great impact in a helicopter. It is reported that when the helicopter landed in the local hotel, a large number of people were attracted to watch, resulting in traffic jams. And to bundle Yu Hui, the son marries is a rare make a move opportunity.

One villager once said in an interview, after returning to the village with a high profile, he made a lot of money in the local area. To prepare for his sons wedding, about 500 tables will be arranged in the local high-end hotel, and many famous people will be invited.

In a website called direct seller blog, the city circle found that some people had uploaded several wedding photos about bundle Changjing, one of which was similar to the photo taken in the parking lot, with dozens of expensive cars like Rolls Royce arranged in order, showing the luxury level of the wedding.

In addition, dozens of domestic and foreign stars, including Li Xiaolu, song Xiaobao, Huang Yi, Zhou Huajian, etc., presented blessings for the new marriage of bundle Changjing in a 15 minute blessing speech video circulated on the Internet.

However, with the collapse of the powerful empire, the high-profile Mr. Yu Hui has been hidden in front of people for nearly 300 days. After this trial, what will be waiting for the father and son, we will wait and see.

Source: editor in charge of city circle: Chen Hequn ufe63 nb12679