Sudden bad news! Wireless headphone faucet is air blasted mechanism has run ahead of time

 Sudden bad news! Wireless headphone faucet is air blasted mechanism has run ahead of time

However, when investors lamented that it was too crazy, the theme leader rambler suddenly announced the reduction last night. Mr. Xiao, who owns 25.45% of the companys total share capital, plans to reduce the number of shares by no more than 12 million (2% of the companys total share capital at present), the Rambler announced last night.

According to the public information, Xiao Min is the director and deputy general manager of rambler, and currently the second largest shareholder of the company. This major shareholder reduction plan will undoubtedly throw cold water on the booming concept leader of wireless headphones, and whether other concept stocks will be affected is unknown. From yesterdays Ramblers list, the company sold 18 million yuan of funds in the list, among which there was a special seat for the organization, selling 13 million yuan.

Rambler has been focusing on multimedia speakers for more than 20 years. According to the semi annual report, the company has seized the opportunity of TWS market, and has successively produced three product marks to officially enter the TWS headset array. At present, the company has developed into a high-tech enterprise with speaker and headset as its core products.

Before the boom of wireless headphones, the trend of walkers was not amazing. During the period from the beginning of the year to August, the stock price of the Rambler almost stood still, losing the market index of the same period.

However, thanks to the explosive growth of wireless headset industry, walkers achieved a profit of 800 million yuan in the first three quarters, up 48.7% year on year. Thanks to the significant increase in revenue from headphone products, the company also expects net profit of 91 million yuan to 112 million yuan this year, an increase of 70% to 110% year on year.

According to GfK data, it is estimated that by 2019, the global TWS wireless Bluetooth headset shipments will exceed 100 million, and the market scale will exceed 50 billion yuan. In 2020, the global TWS wireless Bluetooth headset shipments are expected to reach 150 million, and the market scale will increase to 100 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 52%. With the explosive growth of wireless headset products, the related subject matter stocks are also quietly growing.

According to data treasure statistics, excluding the secondary new shares listed in the past month, if it starts from October 25, when the walkers start to significantly increase, the average cumulative increase of wireless headset concept shares so far is 23.31%. During this period, the overall market value of wireless headset concept shares has soared by 113.7 billion yuan. At present, the overall market value has reached more than 770 billion yuan, and the value of 5 stock markets including Lixun precision, Weil, Zhaoyi innovation, Goethe and Pengding Holdings has grown by more than 10 billion yuan.

The Rambler has gained 107.32% in total, which is the leader of wireless headset theme. In addition, shares such as Yingtong communication, Huiwei technology, Shengbang Co., Ltd., rapoo technology, Zhaoyi innovation, Weil Co., Ltd. and Goethe Co., Ltd. have increased by more than 20% since October 25.

These stocks are most favored by the tracking funds of longhubang

On November 14, the seat funds of institutions and business departments in longhubang were net purchased by 56 million yuan, of which 21 stocks were net purchased and 9 stocks were net sold. The top three stocks are Chengmai technology, Liyuan information, Anjie technology, etc. the proportion of net purchase amount to the turnover of the day is 13.12%, 8.01% and 4.2%.

From the perspective of Pankou capital flow, the net inflow of main capital is more than 10 million and there are 11 stocks purchased by longhubang, among which Changxin technology, Anjie technology, Liyuan information and other stocks have the largest net inflow. The largest net inflows were indjitui, Kanghong pharmaceutical and changshengtui, with net inflows of 46.73%, 27.61% and 26.17% respectively.

87 shares of average long array, such as Shensi Electronics

As of November 14, the four average lines of 87 stocks on the 5th, 10th, 20th and 60th have been long in recent days. Among them, Shensi electronics, Huide technology and Huayu automobile share price have the lowest deviation rate from the 60 day average, which are 3.97%, 4.22% and 5.05% respectively.

In addition, 45 stocks not only have the above four average lines in a long array, but also have the 120 day and 250 day average lines in a long array. Among these stocks, Vosges, Yongtai technology, Huihuang technology and 250 day average have the lowest deviation rates, 16.06%, 16.89% and 16.94% respectively.

The net inflow of 54 shares of yangtunyin Changxin technology and other funds was high

According to the latest data, 54 stocks in the two cities showed a positive and negative pattern in the daily K-line. The biggest gainers on that day were yilianzhong, Changxin technology and Zhongzhuang construction, up 10.01%, 10% and 6.28% respectively.

It is worth noting that the net inflow of main capital of Changxin technology, XinHeCheng and yilianzhong is the largest, reaching 23782700 yuan, 159034200 yuan and 101280800 yuan respectively.

Total 7 short-term average cash forks, such as electronic voice

As of the latest closing, the 5-day average of 7 A-shares has actively crossed the 10-day average, among which the 5-day average of shares such as Gongda Diansheng, Beifang Huachuang and Changying precision is the largest compared with the 10-day average, reaching 1.47%, 1% and 0.8% respectively.

Note: the last four tables of this information have eliminated the new shares listed in the past year.

Statement: all information content of data treasure does not constitute investment advice. The stock market is risky and investment should be cautious.

Source: Dabao editor in charge: Yang bin_nf4368