After meeting with trump, President Tu said: no one can stop me from buying the S-400

 After meeting with trump, President Tu said: no one can stop me from buying the S-400

Overseas network, Nov. 15 - the results of the U.S. - Turkish summit are few. No substantive agreement has been reached between the two sides, from the fight against Syrian Kurdish forces to the purchase of Russian made S-400 air defense missile systems. The day after the meeting, Erdogan returned to Turkey and told the media that he would not abandon the S-400 because of Trumps request, thus damaging relations with Russia.

Russia today news that 14 local time, Erdogan returned to Turkey for an interview, said he will not yield to the United States to stop buying Russian made S-400 air defense system proposal. The deal is too important for Ankaras friendship with Moscow.

Turkish broadcaster NTV quoted Erdogan as saying that trump had tried to persuade him to give up the agreement with Moscow, but Erdogan refused. At present, we have bilateral relations with Russia, and we cannot give up the strategic relations between Turkey and Russia. Trumps proposal violates our sovereignty.

It is reported that the United States has always opposed Turkeys purchase of Russias s S-400 missile defense system on the grounds that the Russian system is incompatible with NATOs air defense system. The United States says Turkey cannot have both the U.S. F-35 stealth fighter and the Russian missile system. The United States also expelled Turkey from the F-35 program. Erdogan joked on the eve of his visit that Turkey could buy Russian warplanes instead of the US F-35.

On the 13th local time, trump met with visiting Erdogan at the White House. Turkeys purchase of Russian high-tech equipment such as S-400 has caused us some very serious difficulties. We regularly discuss this issue and hope to solve it in the future, trump said at a joint press conference

Only through dialogue can we overcome the challenges facing us, especially the S-400 system and the F-35, Erdogan said at the conference He added, turkey can buy American Patriot missiles if the terms (prices) are right.

The Wall Street Journal commented that during Erdogans visit to the United States, Trump and Erdogan showed mutual affection. Trump claimed to be Erdogans super fan and Erdogan proposed to open a new chapter in bilateral relations. However, the two sides failed to reach a solution to the key issues with differences.

The relationship between the two NATO allies, the United States and Turkey, is at a historical low point, and the two countries have serious differences on a series of issues. The meeting is the first since Turkey launched a military operation in northern Syria in early October.

Source: editor in charge of overseas website: Liu Yuxin, nbjs7825