British Academy of Arts is suspected of insulting Chinese original designers

 British Academy of Arts is suspected of insulting Chinese original designers

At present, the Central Saint Martin fashion and textile professional preparatory project has deleted the forwarded post and made a response on instgram.

On the morning of November 14, an instgram account named fashion_textile_csm forwarded and supported a post with the meaning of humiliating China. Then, it caused a great stir in the domestic fashion design circle.

This account is the official social media account of the fashion and textile professional preparatory project set up by Londons Central Saint Martin School of art and design, a famous fashion and art institution in the UK. Earlier today, the account forwarded a so-called environmental protection work displayed by the professional students of the social media named cloudbearbabe.

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The work is to sew several braids of blue and red rope on a piece of yellow fabric, and arrange these braids closely together and spread them in the middle of the fabric. At the bottom of these braids, the words fuckfashion, fuckfashion and fucktit are written in red font to show strong resistance to fashion and fast fashion. At the bottom of the work, the words made in China worth 0 are written in blue.

The official account of the major then forwarded the post, with several clapping expressions.

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The official hat of the Qing Dynasty, red and blue braids, obviously, needless to say, this is racist. Putting the expression of resisting fast fashion together with made in China 0 pounds seems to imply that made in China 0 value comes from fast fashion, whats the strange point? Ding Daoyuan, an independent Chinese mens designer, told interface fashion.

The absurdity and strong racist color of this work soon aroused the strong indignation of the whole group of independent designers in China. In this group, the emotions of Chinese students and graduate designers of Central Saint Martin are more complex and intense.

A Chinese student in central St. Martin immediately sent a private letter to the official to protest: its disgusting for an educational institution to connive at racism and extreme political prejudice. As an art and design institution, supporting the attempt to deny the value of a country and a culture is even more objectionable. In the face of a country that is trying to enhance cultural creativity and growth, you are completely arrogant and bullying to forward this picture. This is not freedom of speech at all. This is cultural fascism.

Chinese students of central St. Martin sent private letters to protest to the school. After encountering protests from Chinese students and designers on social media, central St. Martins preparatory program for fashion and textile major deleted the forwarded post this afternoon and responded on instgram.

In a screenshot of an apple mobile memo, the school explained that the students work was a classroom assignment designed to express a series of issues related to social responsibility, such as global warming, free choice and fast fashion. We have noticed that two of the banners have been violated, and we would like to apologize for that. If anyone feels violated, we apologize again.

The apology statement of Central Saint Martins fashion and textile professional preparatory program did not alleviate the anger of domestic original designers and fashion circles. Close to the early hours of November 15, nearly 90 Chinese designers jointly issued an open letter, expressing strong protest over the forwarding of suspected racial discrimination and Prejudice in instagram story, the official fashion and textile Preparatory Department of CSM. It is reported that there are more than 90 Chinese designers who support the content of the open letter.

In this open letter entitled solidarity with Chinese designers! Central Saint Martin, please apologize!, the designers believe that the apology article published by Saint Martin essentially refers to our response as out of context in the simplified picture .

Their response was indeed to refuse to recognize the insulting nature of the flag.

This is not the first time, they said

Art University London calls it unintentional, and these recurring incidents of so-called carelessness are just a sign of continued ignorance of cultural equality and our culture.

Nearly 90 Chinese designers jointly published open letters through original designers. Photo source: labelwood

Ding Daoyuan, who graduated from London fashion school and has won the international fashion award, admitted that it was no surprise that such a thing happened, which happened in the past in Saint Martin. In his opinion, in this era when everyone can become an artist, the threshold of art is also decreasing day by day, out of context, win topics has become a common phenomenon of contemporary fashion art creativity.

At the end of the joint statement, the Chinese designers made two requests. First, ask Central Saint Martin / Art University of London to make a public apology again and acknowledge the cultural insensitivity involving teaching groups and social media operation teams.

Secondly, it requires that Art University of London should make a public commitment to raise awareness and solve the problems of racism and cultural prejudice, and even the related problems in students works.

Nearly 90 Chinese designers jointly issued an open letter.

Chen Anqi, founder and designer of independent designer brand angelchen, told the interface fashion, first of all, I cant represent the group of students and graduates signed this time, nor the teachers and students of the school. My signature is to express that I hope to get a positive reply from the school and an official apology, not a note.

At the time of the interface press release, the Central Saint Martin / Art University of London had yet to respond to the joint public statement.

Nearly 90 Chinese designers jointly issued an open letter.

Nearly 90 Chinese designers jointly issued an open letter.

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