The promotion rules of double 11 are complicated: one operation is as fierce as a tigers red bag and gets 25 cents

 The promotion rules of double 11 are complicated: one operation is as fierce as a tigers red bag and gets 25 cents

This year is the 11th year of double 11 promotion. Since the birth of double 11 in 2009, it has gradually grown from a common date to a consumption symbol, witnessing the continuous exuberance of Chinas consumption level, the continuous upgrading of consumption capacity, and the continuous innovation, inclusiveness and openness of Chinas consumer market.

Shopping cart changes

Sweeping robot, microwave oven, rice cooker In this years double 11, Ms. Zhang, a Beijing citizen, early added these items to the shopping cart of an e-commerce platform. When she arrived at 0:00 on November 11, she quickly placed an order and spent more than 10000 yuan in one breath.

11 years ago, Ms. Zhang took part in the double 11 promotion for the first time. Because of her curiosity and cheapness, she bought a large box of toilet paper. In the past 11 years, the items she bought during the double 11 period have developed from washing liquid and disinfectant to various categories such as fresh food, sofa, TV, air purifier and water purifier.

The change of Ms. Zhangs purchase of goods is a microcosm of the evolution of shopping cart in the hands of most Chinese consumers. According to the statistics of tmall and Taobao, the products popular with consumers during the 11 years of double 11 include: clothing, digital products, home decoration, tourism products, health products, intelligent devices, overseas products, cars, food, new national products, etc.

In the past 11 years, the participation of double 11 has greatly increased. In 2009, only 27 brands of Taobao platform products were launched, and most of them were clothing. In this years double 11, only on tmall platform, there are more than 1 million new products launched. The participating regions have expanded from cities to villages, from China fire to the whole world. On this years double 11 day, more than 500 million people participated in tmalls double 11 activity on Taobao mobile app alone, and the number of international brands that chose to launch in this period increased significantly.

Shopping vehicles are also changing. At the beginning of double 11, computers were the main platform for online shopping. At that time, many people worried about the security of computer payment. In 2016, more than 80% of users placed orders using mobile phones and tablets. Now, mobile order has become standard.

Fu Weigang, a researcher at Shanghai Institute of Finance and law, said that in the past 11 years, double 11 has witnessed the process of Chinese consumers transformation from traditional consumption to emerging consumption, from commodity consumption to service consumption, and the gradual upgrading of consumer demand from imitation, homogenization and simplification to differentiation, personalization and diversification. This fully shows the influence of digital economy in China, more and more users and businesses participate in the trend of digital economy.

More stable support system

The previous double 11 shopping, the double 12 has not arrived, this year did not expect so fast. At 8:30 on November 11, Xu, a resident of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, who was just about to go out to work, received a logistics message on her mobile phone, indicating that the down jacket she ordered at 0:00 on November 11 was ready for delivery. Half an hour later, she received a message again that the down jacket had been signed by her family, which was about 9 hours away from her order.

Chinas major express companies announced on the eve of this years double 11 that from 0:00 on November 11, the double 11 peak season express sent by 26 cities in the Yangtze River Delta must be delivered within 72 hours once it is collected, otherwise it will compensate consumers according to the rules. This is the first time that Chinese express companies have made a public commitment to the delivery efficiency in the double 11 peak season.

Behind the improvement of delivery efficiency in express logistics industry is the continuous support of scientific and technological innovation. During this years double 11 period, more than 80 intelligent storage robots rely on two-dimensional code vision and inertial navigation system to work freely in the warehouse, which is twice the efficiency of manual picking. From the beginning of double 11, relying solely on human sea tactics, to now, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are widely used, and the logistics industry has long been changing guns.

Payment and e-commerce platform systems have also been greatly upgraded. At the beginning of double 11, various e-commerce platforms were often crowded by massive consumer orders. Today, with the Alibabas own research and development of the flying cloud operating system, Alipays self-developed distributed database, Sunings block chain traceability anti-counterfeiting technology and other new technologies continue to be applied, consumers have the most intuitive shopping experience - order, payment easy.

Zhong Hongjun, director of the digital economy research center of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, said that behind the flood peak of a large number of orders and flows is a highly complex and coordinated operating system. Double 11 e-commerce greatly promotes the cross integration and coordinated development of multi industry support systems such as e-commerce, payment, logistics and cloud computing, which has become the basis for Chinas digital economy to lead the development.

More rational consumption concept

The operation was as fierce as a tiger, and the red bag received 25 cents. Every year during the double 11 period, there are various promotions. This years double 11, such as sales of coupons, full cuts, spike, presale and so on, is equally dazzling. Complex preferential rules have been heard by more and more consumers. Many consumers with low price sensitivity are tired of this game.

More and more consumers are becoming rational. The complicated promotion rules are only part of the reason. Whats more, people are no longer following the crowd and trying to be cheap, but pay more attention to the quality of goods, meet the personalized needs and improve the quality of life.

Compared with the previous years, this years double 11 offers are not strong, I didnt buy any big ones. Mr. Liu, a Beijing citizen, used to call himself a member of the chop hands party. Every time we arrive at double 11, we will buy a lot of things, but many are not in urgent need. He participated in double 11 for many years, and now his consumption concept is also changing: what must be changed at home, I will place an order only if the quality is good.

With the continuous strengthening of consumer awareness of environmental protection, green consumption represented by energy-saving appliances, green goods and idle transactions is also gaining popularity. On the eve of this years double 11, tmall launched a special exchange activity of replacing old with new for electrical and digital products. More than 80 categories, such as mobile phones and computers, and 40000 kinds of products covering more than 260 brands can be replaced, so as to reduce the waste of idle resources of each family. Yuan MI and other Yuan Mi developed by Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, have sold 550000 kg in tmall, equivalent to supporting 1.1 million square meters of saline alkali land improvement.

Experts believe that with the upgrading of consumer consumption concept, consumption mode and consumption quality, new economy, new demand and new consumption are gradually forming a strong support to promote high-quality development, and are redefining Chinas commercial consumption logic.

Source: Peoples daily, peoples daily, Chen Hequn, nb12679