Trump has been busy with Western media recently: how hard it is for a US president to step down

 Trump has been busy with Western media recently: how hard it is for a US president to step down

The first hearing on the impeachment investigation of President trump in the U.S. House of representatives officially opened on November 13, which means that the Democratic Party will enter a new stage in the labyrinth process of Trumps ouster, according to Dow media.

Democrats, who have a majority in the house of Representatives, accused trump of pressuring Ukraine to investigate Bidens and his sons interests in Ukraine, the EFE news agency reported on November 13.

Democrats, however, will not be able to do this on their own: they need Republican support in the Senate, which has a majority. At present, there are not enough dissidents in the conservative group to promote this initiative.

The report reviews some basic issues in the impeachment process:

What is impeachment?

In general, this can be defined as the procedure by which the legislature overturns a president who is found guilty of a crime.

Specifically, impeachment refers to the process in which a senior public official is subject to strict scrutiny in the Senate on charges of violating the law, but this does not mean that he will be automatically removed from office.

According to the constitution of the United States, the president, vice president and all civil servants of the United States shall be removed from office when impeached and convicted of treason, bribery or other felony. If enough MPs vote for the president to commit treason, bribery, or other felony and misdemeanor, Congress will be able to remove the president.

But in a broad sense, Congress can initiate impeachment proceedings for alleged criminal activities, abuse of power or any other illegal acts.

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