President of the European Council: fear of becoming a second-class country after brexit

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President of the European Council: fear of becoming a second-class country after brexit (source: video synthesis)

The outgoing president of the European Council, tusk, warned in a speech at the Bruges College of Europe in Belgium on the 13th local time that Britains influence in international affairs would decline after brexit.

Tusk even said that after leaving the EU, Britain will enter the periphery from the main battlefield of international affairs, and become a second-class country, and it will be difficult to participate in the big country competition.

Tusk, President of the European Council: I often hear some statements from supporters of brexit, who believe that brexit will make Britain more international, and think that only brexit can make Britain strong. But the opposite is true: only as part of the EU can Britain play a global role. After brexit, Britain will enter the periphery from the main battlefield and become a second-class country.

The deadline for brexit has been repeatedly postponed, but the general election is coming ahead again. Britain is scheduled to hold parliamentary elections next month 12, and this election can be seen to some extent as a second referendum on brexit - voters will choose between parties that support brexit or stay in Europe. If Prime Minister Boris Johnson can lead the ruling conservative party to win the majority of seats in the lower house of Parliament, then push parliament to pass the new brexit agreement, The UK is expected to officially leave the EU on January 31 next year in the new deadline.

Tusk, in his speech on the 13th, called on Britons who want to stay in Europe not to give up hope. He used football matches to compare the stalemate of brexit that has lasted for a long time.

Tusk, President of the European Council: there will be parliamentary elections next month. Will the situation change? I think its just not to give up. We have made up the time in this game. Now we have entered the extra time game, maybe we will enter the penalty shoot out!

Source: responsible editor of CCTV: Du Shuo, nb12556