The trial of Dai sin by the president of the court

 The trial of Dai sin by the president of the court

On August 21, 2018, the peoples Court of Hanyang District, Wuhan city decided to release Hu Jingzhong on bail pending trial. Photo source: Beijing News

Who could have expected that a judge who was finally given a suspended sentence would be able to judge the case in a big way during the previous bail period?

According to reports, after the Shandong vaccine case in 2016, Hu Jingzhong, the former president of the water division court of Hanchuan peoples court in Hubei Province, drove a police car to help Lei Guoguang, his brother-in-law and the person involved in the vaccine case, hide and buy a phone card for his use. He was sentenced to one years imprisonment and one years probation for the crime of harbouring. However, upon inquiry, it was found that Hu Jingzhong was detained in April 2016, and obtained a guarantor pending trial on the same day. In the following two years, he still appeared in nearly 100 judicial documents issued by Hanchuan court as a member of the collegiate panel.

Not only that, during the trial of Hu Jingzhongs case, Hanchuan court once sent a letter to Hanyang District Court of Wuhan, which heard the case, pleading for mercy, saying that Hu Jingzhong is the middle-level leader and business backbone of the unit, and has always performed well, requesting that he be treated lightly. But this was not adopted by Hanyang District Court.

In this case, its a pity that Hu Jingzhong, as a judge, did something against the law. It can be seen from his harbouring behavior to his wife and brother that although he has many years of judicial experience and is also the middle-level leader of the local court, his attitude to the law of knowing the law can not stand the test. As a judge, he cant be unaware that his wife and brother Lei Guoguang are suspects in a major case, and they are important criminals involved in the case. Persuading them to surrender is the only right way.

However, he used his power to help ray escape and buy a phone card, which is the most obvious violation of the law. In this situation, the first and second trials make a guilty judgment on him according to law, which is fair treatment from the legal level, and for him, he is responsible for himself.

But its not just him who misbehaves, its the court hes in. Although according to the judge law of 2002, a judge cannot continue to hold a post due to his / her violation of discipline and crime, he / she shall be requested to be removed from his / her post according to law. Until the judge law of 2019 is revised, only when a judge is suspected of violating discipline and law, has been put on file for investigation and investigation, and is not suitable to continue to perform his / her duties, he / she shall temporarily stop performing his / her duties in accordance with the management authority and prescribed procedures. But it doesnt mean that before the new law, judges who are suspected of crimes can be allowed to sit on the bench safely.

According to Chinas judicial document network, the latest case was on October 17 last year, when Hu Jingzhong served as presiding judge in a dispute over a sales contract. Photo source: Beijing News

Looking at the judge law, the basic norms of judges professional ethics, respecting and believing in the law, obeying the law as a model, and strictly implementing the law are the most basic requirements for judges. Even if Hu Jingzhong has not been convicted and sentenced, he is not suitable to continue to be a member of the collegial panel in charge of the trial.

A person who is in charge of the judicial balance is suspected of a major crime. The credibility of the judgment will be greatly reduced. For more than two years, the local court insisted on indifference to the Hu negative case, which should be made clear.

Not only that, in the process of Hu Jingzhongs involvement in the case, the local courts endorsement plot has also been criticized. As he is the middle-level leader and business backbone of the unit, it is not the proper action of the court to request that he be treated lightly. As a judicial organ, it should be clear that the peoples court shall exercise its judicial power independently in accordance with the law and shall not be interfered by administrative organs, social organizations and individuals. Openly endorsing and pleading for the criminal suspect, which shows deep love for protecting the calf, but what may be lost is the judicial credibility and the authority of the rule of law.

The law must be believed and the judiciary must be respected, and the most respected and law-abiding one is the judicial personnel. They violate the law and may pollute the legal water source. In view of this, it is obvious that the absurdity in this incident needs to be combed under the legal framework in a unified way, so that it can be attributed to the right, not to the wrong, and the law can stamp those asylum actions.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Li Chao, nb12814