All gains and losses follow fate, and the heart is wide and the person is at ease

 All gains and losses follow fate, and the heart is wide and the person is at ease

Good evening, friends

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Accompany you through your years, cure you in between the lines

Here are 10 notes carefully selected by uncle for you

There are a lot of unhappiness in life. If you are not happy, you will never be happy.

Those who believe in life will be treated gently by the world.

Hope is fire, disappointment is smoke, life is one side of ignition, while smoking.

Life grows, growth is life. Know to let go, let go is peace of mind.

Why youve never won a prize is probably because you are Gods gift to the world.

Gain and loss all go with fate, and the heart is wide and the person is at ease.

I dont want to pass through your whole world or wait for you at the end. If you can, I hope I can accompany you through the world, and then together to the end.

You have to accept that there is always a sudden loss in the world. Spilt milk, lost wallet, separated lover, broken friendship When you do nothing to help, the only thing you can do is try to make yourself better. If you lose everything, stop crying.

The worst thing in the world is to worry about what hasnt happened, and about what youve imagined. I hope that all of you dont give up the right to be happy. Dont worry. Its not too late to be sad when things really happen.

Life is good. There will always be another different scenery in front of us.

Wang Guozhen said: if you are not happy enough, dont lock your eyebrows. Life is short, why cultivate bitterness? Open the dusty doors and windows, let the sunshine and rain spread all over the corner, go to the field of life, let the wind iron the forehead...

In the hustle and bustle, you have your troubles, he has his worries, inevitable, but we can choose how to get along with the troubles, how to do when you are not happy? Listen to songs, run, take a bath, eat hot pot, go shopping, brush variety show, go to meet loved ones

Life is not long, remember to keep yourself happy. So, lets talk today and share your ways to keep happy.