How naive can a girl be?

 How naive can a girl be?

Maybe she will believe anything you say.

[email protected] rice

For example, when I was a freshman, the boy who had a good time asked me to go to the cinema. As a result, I called the whole dormitory to go together!

[email protected] ink

You said she was just your sister. I believe it.

[email protected] rabbit

As long as I like you, what you say, I will believe, and even help you lie to yourself.

[email protected](u2229_u2229)O

After receiving a love letter from a boy in high school, he gave his mother 20 yuan as pocket money.

[email protected]

The boy wanted to hold my hand. I fell over my shoulder.

[email protected], rain and wind

Naive thought he said to hold you to sleep, really just hold to sleep.

[email protected]

Just believe that I love you forever.

[email protected]&Hip

My father said that I was born from his armpit, I once believed it.

[email protected] years

The kiss mark on the classmates neck was mistaken for mosquito bite.

[email protected] year of sushijin

When my peers watch TV plays, I watch Teletubbies.

[email protected]

I believe everything he says. Even if one day he says hes in love with someone or he cant let go of his ex who doesnt want to be with me, Im willing to let him go.

[email protected]

I thought growing strawberries was farming!

u2014u2014Wild geese flying south

I was touched by my classmate and cried all day.

u2014u2014Return of Eagle

Every time I quarrel, I can only cry bitterly, I dare not make a sound.

[email protected] Music

In fact, I was poisoned by TV dramas. As long as the hostess vomited, she would have a baby.

[email protected]

Uncle said: everyone is just born a piece of white paper, innocent, lovely and simple. Its a rare ability, or a realm of life, to be childlike forever. Meet such a girl, we must cherish it. Whats the experience of having an interesting boyfriend?