Gif sun yangheichao arrives at the hearing under cover: he will never cheat

 Gif sun yangheichao arrives at the hearing under cover: he will never cheat

Sun Yangs hearing is only the second case in history that requires a public hearing. The hearing lasted 11.5 hours (from 16 p.m. on the 15th of Beijing time to 3.30 a.m. the next day), and its importance can be seen. Sun Yang asked CAS to be open to the public when holding the hearing in order to be open and transparent and prove its innocence. However, the public hearing is limited to 200 people. Photographers can enter the venue half an hour in advance to take photos, but they must leave the venue after the hearing starts, and they will not announce any decision immediately after the hearing ends. Such an unprecedented hearing has attracted too many peoples attention, and many unsolved mysteries have been solved one by one.

First, does Sun Yang have violent anti inspection

On the evening of September 4, 2018, three staff members of IDTM company went to sunyangs residence to carry out the anti doping test outside the competition. IDTM then submitted a report called sunyang violent anti doping test, pointing out that sunyang smashed the urine sample, but sunyang said that he has been fully cooperating with the inspection, but there are many illegal operations by the inspectors during the inspection. There are big differences between the two sides, and the focus of this hearing is undoubtedly what Sun Yang has done.

II. Whether the three staff members are qualified

The reason why Sun Yang refused to take urine samples at that time was that the initial certificate of the drug testing personnel was not enough to prove that he was a full member of the testing team, so he refused to provide urine samples, which is what Sun Yang insisted on. If the staff does not have the qualification, Sun Yang naturally does not have the so-called violent anti inspection. Whether he can make a breakthrough on this point is the key to Sun Yangs success.

Why fina supports Sun Yang

On January 3, 2019, the fina investigation team accepted Sun Yangs statement and concluded in the report that the specific truth can not be found. Sun Yang has been ruled not responsible for the incident and will not be punished. The so-called concrete truth cant be found out. What kind of consideration does fina draw such a conclusion after the investigation? Its also an important factor in Sun Yangs hearing trend.

IV. is the World Anti Doping Agency targeting Sun Yang

After the fina made the decision, Wada (World Anti Doping Agency) appealed to the international sports arbitration court during the appeal period to overturn the fina sentence. Anti Doping is the focus of Wadas work. The most famous case of Wada is to verify the fact that Armstrong, a famous American cyclist, used illegal drugs. This time, Wada has always doubted about Sun Yangs incident. What evidence do they have to correct Sun Yangs violation? Only the international sports arbitration court has the final decision power

V. why the trial lasted 11 and a half hours

It is reported that the general hearing time is 2-3 hours, and the duration of Sun Yangs hearing is nearly 12 hours. According to professionals in the legal field, such a hearing far beyond the normal scope shows the complexity of the case. Sun Yang, fina and WADA are playing games, and more unknown or even shocking details are believed to be disclosed.

Why not declare the result immediately

The process of the trial is to restore the truth to the greatest extent to the public. However, the final punishment of the hearing shall be presented in written form, signed by the chief arbitrator, with clear punishment time and reasonable explanation attached, which shall be carried out after the trial. As for the results, they are expected to be announced early next year.

Can Sun Yang win the lawsuit

Whether Sun Yang wins or not is related to his personal and the prospect of the Chinese swimming team. If Sun Yang loses the case, he will not only be banned, but also his personal reputation will be greatly affected. The Olympic journey of Chinas swimming team will inevitably be shadowed. The authority of fina, which had previously ruled that Sun Yang had never been before, must also be widely questioned. If the World Anti Doping Agency loses the lawsuit and the conclusion of the hearing is that there is a problem in the testing procedure, the reputation and authority of Wada in doping testing will also be greatly challenged in the future. All in all, this is a lawsuit that no one can afford to lose.