If a man has a lover outside, these traces will never be deleted on wechat

 If a man has a lover outside, these traces will never be deleted on wechat

If a man has a lover outside, he is likely to cheat his lover and not tell her your existence. Therefore, he will delete all the things related to you, or maybe just to please each other and prove that he only loves her.

Therefore, you will suddenly disappear from his wechat, because wechat is a bridge between people, and the other party naturally attaches great importance to it. If you suddenly disappear in his circle of friends or wechat, you must be more careful, which proves that he intentionally hides something.

2. He used to be fond of making friends, but suddenly he stopped making friends, or in fact he was invisible to you

He used to love to send out his friends circle, but suddenly he stopped sending out his friends circle. But when you use his mobile phone, you can see his latest news, which proves that he doesnt want to let you know some news, but he wants to show it to other people.

For a man, he will not shield some people because of trifles, because it will be very troublesome in the eyes of a man. If it is unnecessary, he will never shield his wife.

3. His wechat and mobile phone changed their passwords

If your man changes his mind, he will not let you know the secrets in his mobile phone, and he will pay special attention to them. Therefore, if you suddenly change the mobile phone password and wechat password, you must pay more attention.

Although it is extremely disrespectful to check a persons mobile phone without permission, if a man intentionally conceals you, he will not tell you the password.

Men dont feel trouble only when they do things they care about. Therefore, when you are dealing with men, you should never be too simple. You should always observe their changes. If a man changes his mind and has a lover outside, these traces will appear on wechat. Do you know?