What do married women fear most from their husbands? Lets see what they say

 What do married women fear most from their husbands? Lets see what they say

No one can predict what life will be like after marriage, but women always have a heart of looking after husband and becoming a dragon, which is no different from looking after son and becoming a dragon. They all hope that their closest people can have a better life on their own.

Women always worry about their husbands and Jackie Chan. They worry about this or that. What do women fear most about their husbands in their married life? Lets see what they say.

1. Im afraid my husband will be lazy and take his own good as he should be

Ms. Wang is 25 years old. She has some regrets since she married her husband. Her husband has become lazy and lazy. Only Ms. Wang is paying in the whole family, which makes Ms. Wang feel tired.

Fortunately, Ms. Wangs husband doesnt take her good as her due, which is what Ms. Wang is most worried about. Ms. Wang doesnt care whether her husband has money or not, even if her life is difficult. As long as she is practical and willing to work, Ms. Wang will be very satisfied.

Ms. Wangs husband had some savings, but he failed to start a business and lost all of them. Ms. Wangs husband has been staying at home since the failure of her business. She does not go out to find a job or do some housework. Ms. Wang wants to go out to find a job to earn money, but her husband does not want Ms. Wang to do so.

In fact, as long as Ms. Wangs husband is willing to find a job in a down-to-earth way, even if her salary is lower, Ms. Wang can find a part-time job to do some small handicrafts, which can also supplement the family. Ms. Wang and her husband dont want children now, so the economic burden is not very heavy.

Ms. Wang thinks that life doesnt have to be rich and dignified. Its best to live in peace and harmony with her family. Ms. Wang only hopes her husband can cheer up and bear the burden of family with her. She doesnt have to fight everything alone.

2. Im not afraid of my husbands poverty. Im afraid that he has no ambition and no responsibility for this family

Ms. Qin, 32, said to me: Im not afraid that my husband is poor. Im afraid that he has no ambition and no responsibility for the family. No matter poor or rich, there should be a sense of self-improvement. If there is not even a sense of self-improvement, marriage is also a kind of sadness.

In the beginning, Ms. Qins husband was like this. Fortunately, now her husbands prodigal son has turned around, and now he is safe and secure. Although she doesnt earn much money, Ms. Qin no longer needs to worry about her husbands idleness and idleness. Now Ms. Qins husband has finally found a job as a security guard with the help of Ms. Qin and her mother. Although she is in a bit of a pinch now, she still has a good taste.

3. Fear of cold violence from husband

Ms. song, 36, was married to her husband when her parents disagreed. The two secretly took out their Hukou book to register for marriage, and the parents of both sides were reluctant to admit.

After Ms. Qin got married, Ms. Qin was in charge of her familys farm work. Her husband drove to the town every day and couldnt earn much money in a day. Although the life was a little tight, they felt very happy and there was no problem in maintaining a normal life.

But later, there were more and more cars going to the town to pull passengers, and Ms. Qins husband could not earn much money. Ms. Qins husband wanted to do a lot of things, because he had no resources and money, so he was worried about himself every day. Ms. Qin said he would not listen to anything.

As soon as Ms. Qin said he was angry with Ms. Qin, he didnt say a word to Ms. Qin. She used cold violence against Ms. Qin, which made Ms. Qin very difficult to accept. In fact, Ms. Qin was more willing to quarrel with her husband and talk about it. She didnt want to be so silent as he was.

Conclusion: in marriage life, two people will inevitably have some bumps and bumps. However, its better not to do better between husband and wife, especially cold violence, because its very harmful to the relationship between husband and wife, and many of them cant be repaired. Therefore, if there is any problem between husband and wife, its better to communicate well. Theres no need to fight. The husband and wife should be more tolerant and less hugged Complain, what do you say?