If you cant, lets change!

 If you cant, lets change!

You have to hold on to it

Ten million beauties

No, lets change

A lot of times, we hope to have a happy ending when we fall in love:

There was light in the young girls eyes, full of confidence in love and ready to break. Alicias life, because of her cowardice, timidity, and worry, has destroyed the best part of her life. She can no longer live the best life with her favorite people. I think the best state of love is when we love, we love desperately, but when we dont love, we dont have to pull each other, know how to let go, in order to better have the present. After all, we dont have to tear up the ugliest predecessors.

Leave if you dont love

Stay away if you are hurt

No one has to ask you to save it

And theres no love to bow to

If love brings you destruction

Lets separate

Next dog

Waiting for you

How about the dog Im waiting for

Good night