No disease, no disaster, is the biggest real estate in life!

 No disease, no disaster, is the biggest real estate in life!

Although shocked and sad, he quickly arranged for his mother to stay in the hospital, made an appointment with a doctor, performed an operation, and then received chemotherapy. This round not only made the whole family feel miserable, but also financially.

Once the family has a problem, it becomes a money shredder. No matter how much money they earn, they dont feel enough to spend. They go out thousands of times every day. If my mothers illness is more serious, she cant take it anymore, he said

The old classmate is an ordinary white-collar family, and his family is not very rich. I understand his troubles and depression. There are old people and small people, and everything has to be spent. If the whole family can be safe all the time, the life can be better. But as long as one person is seriously ill, the economic pressure will suddenly hit you like a mountain, making the family gasp for breath.

There is a problem: how many days do you have in the ICU of the hospital?

One of Gao Zan replied about his experience:

If the disease is serious, it will be 2W a day and 1W a day. My mother suffered from severe coma due to pulmonary embolism + renal tumor + internal massive hemorrhage. She spent 45 days in ICU of the third class hospital and 28 days in general ward. A total of 950000. Among them, the medical insurance reimbursement is 550000, and the rest of the expenses are about 400000. I spent all my savings, borrowed 100000 from my relatives and friends, and finally let my mother live.

Chinas medical insurance system has saved too much money for people to see a doctor and stay in hospital, but for ordinary families, hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of them are all the savings of a family.

Only those who have experienced serious illness in themselves or their families will understand that in the end, health is the most valuable thing.


No disease, no disaster, the biggest real estate in life

Now in the dating market, there is an unwritten rule: those who have been seriously ill before, who look pale and weak at first sight, who are thin and weak, no matter how rich and valuable they are, are not worth marrying.

Society is realistic. After all, no one wants to live a life with a sick seedling.

There is no money to earn, no job to find, poor family conditions to work hard step by step, low face value to improve temperament, there are ways to change everything, but only health, is irreversible.

Once had a serious illness, even if at that time recovered smoothly, the constitution will be more vulnerable than ordinary people.

Ive heard such a fable:

When a woman returned home, she found three old men with white beards sitting at her door.

Although I didnt know them, when it was late, the women invited the old people to come in and eat something. The old people said, we wont come in together.

At this time, the host also went home. One of the old men pointed to two people beside him and explained, this is wealth, that is success, and my name is health.

Then he said, now go in and discuss it, and see which one of us you want to go in.

The husband and wife went into the house to discuss. The husband said, lets let wealth in so that we can have a house full of gold!

But the wife disagreed: honey, wed better invite Success in!

Their daughter is listening. Isnt it good to come in healthy? she suggested? In this way, our family can enjoy life and enjoy life happily!

In the end, they agreed with their daughters suggestion and invited health into the house, but to their surprise, success and wealth also followed health into the house.

Seeing their curiosity, the two old men explained: wherever we go healthily, we will accompany him, because we cant leave him at all. If you dont invite him in, no matter who we are, we will lose energy and life soon.

Health is 1, the rest are 0. Without good health as a prerequisite, no success or glory will belong to you.

No disease, no disaster, is the biggest real estate in life.


Be careful what youve done today is wasting tomorrows fortune

Nowadays, many young people, depending on their youth, eat and drink in the sea. All kinds of junk food are never taboo. Staying up late is the norm. Mobile phones and computers are necessary.

Occasionally I feel pain in the waist and neck, dry eyes, stomach and intestines, headache and fever. I dont know. Every hint the body gives you is marked with a price in secret.

At present, I dont care about it. When the pain is unbearable and I have no time to correct it, I will find that my body has been torn to pieces.

According to statistics, at present, the number of confirmed chronic diseases in China is 400 million, accounting for 68.6%; the incidence of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, tumor and diabetes is on the rise, among which, the number of adult diabetes patients in China is nearly 100 million...

Be careful what you have done to your body today will become a chronic disease that you cant get rid of with any effort tomorrow. It will consume the short-term happiness of future Qi. The cost is too high.

Another look at a group of terrible data, according to the statistics of Anti-Cancer Association: as one of the common and frequent chronic diseases, the age of cancer onset in China has been advanced by 15-20 years.

That is to say, cancer, which was originally easy to develop at the age of 50 to 80, has reached 35-55 years earlier.

Have you ever found that cancer was a long way from us, but in recent years, I have heard from time to time that people around us have cancer, such as gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, lymph cancer

Gorky once said that health is like gold, even more valuable than gold.

Good health is the greatest blessing of a person and a family.


The seven killers who destroy your health must stay away!

1. Play mobile phone before going to bed

According to the latest research data, people who delay sleep time due to playing mobile phones before going to bed are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, and the probability of insomnia due to playing mobile phones is as high as 82%.

Not only that, watching the mobile phone screen in the night for a long time can also hurt your eyes. The blue light on the screen will stimulate your eyes, slow down the blinking times. If your eyes dont get the proper moisture for a long time, it will lead to dry eyes, foreign body feeling, and even blindness.

2. Go to bed over 24 oclock for a long time

Lack of sleep for a long time will lead to the decline of immunity, the occurrence of various chronic diseases, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases; it will also lead to cell mutation and increase the risk of cancer.

The older you get, the more you will be able to experience all kinds of injuries caused by sleeping late. The next days dizziness and lack of energy are already a reminder. Dont let your body warn you with pain again and again.

3. No breakfast for a long time

A study by the University of Erlangen in Germany shows that people who dont pay attention to breakfast can shorten their life expectancy by an average of 2.5 years.

People who dont eat breakfast are also more likely to have stomach cancer.

4. Long term smoking

Tobacco contains hundreds of chemicals, more than 60 of which are related to cancer. And people who smoke a lot are 17 times more likely to develop cancer than non-smokers.

If you can quit smoking, try to quit smoking. If you can smoke less, try to smoke less.

5. Excessive drinking

From alcoholic fatty liver to alcoholic hepatitis to alcoholic cirrhosis, it only takes four steps to lead to the occurrence of liver cancer.

Staying out of alcohol is the best.

6. Often sit for a long time and lie down for a long time

Sedentary is a common disease of office workers. They work in front of the computer all day in the daytime and lie on the sofa when they return home at night. On the contrary, they are more and more tired. It is better to get up and exercise for half an hour to one hour. It is not only helpful for sleeping, but also can quickly restore healthy mental state.

7. High mood fluctuation and depression

According to who data, depression is expected to become the second largest disease in the world by 2020.

If you feel that your mood fluctuates greatly and you are often depressed, you should go to see a psychiatrist in time. At the same time, please be more patient and care for your friends with depression.


People, except for health, everything is a cloud

Last month, my mother went to the temple to offer incense. She went there several times a year. I asked her what wishes she had made to the Buddha. She said, what else can I wish to protect the health of our family?

Simple desire is the most precious.

In fact, for most people, what they want is just this. One family, one life, peace and security, less disasters and less disasters, thats enough.

I saw a paragraph on Weibo, which was particularly touching:

One day, you are brilliant,

We must have a good health,

To enjoy life.

One day, youre down,

You have to have a good body,

To make a comeback!

How can we have a happy life without a healthy body. Body is the greatest capital of revolution.

People, except for health, everything is floating. In the limited time, live well!