How many steps does it take to make a controversial masterpiece in 2019, from madman to clown?

 How many steps does it take to make a controversial masterpiece in 2019, from madman to clown?

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Crazy seems to be the most appropriate adjective to understand this era. Crazy society, crazy price, crazy stock market, crazy speech, crazy action, crazy Education... Of course, there will be crazy movies. Clown is such a movie. Its craziness is not only due to its absolutely dark core, but also because it tells the past and present life of a classic villain through. On some levels, you will even begin to sympathize with the growing experience of clown, and understand many hidden topics in the movie details, such as evil is not born without reason, how people become ghosts u3002

In terms of realistic influence, clown is bound to be the most controversial film this year, as it is. During the pre release of clown, the film has become the focus of the U.S. judicial department, mainly for fear that there will be a large-scale shooting threat on the day of the films large-scale release. Such a tragedy has not never happened. After all, seven years ago, Batman: the rise of the dark knight was released in Colorado in the United States when 12 people were killed and 70 injured. To avoid panic, some U.S. cinemas have announced that people wearing masks, make-up or costumes will be banned.

On the other side of the ocean, we have been careful, let alone other countries, so clown has not been introduced by radio and television. I understand, and even think that clown should not have been a much publicized film. But I have to admit that its artistic value, actors, soundtracks, clips, colors, are all surprising. Jackun Phoenix deserves a golden man, and the film deserves to be recorded in the film history.

The source of my worry comes from the movie clown, which challenges the legal system and survival rules of the society with extremely negative values. Although some netizens say that if a movie can really affect the reality, then how fragile the civilized society should be. But dont underestimate these subtle influences. How many mistakes are caused by imitation.

Others joked about the movie, saying: if one day we choose the worst 100 movies in the 21st century, the clown will surely be on the list, and at the top of the list. Id like to add a sentence: its really worthy of your name!

How much more do you know about the character than the image and label of clown in the previous super British films? No one can explain why the clown became a clown, and no one knows who he was before he became a clown? What did he go through? As a villain, he is insane, chaotic, horrible and dark, but what makes him become a non-human and non ghost existence? This time, the movie clown gives the answer.

Unlike 30 years ago, the way to make a clown by promoting the chemical pool is different. This time, to make a clown only needs to push him into this society.

The story of the clown takes place in Gotham City in the 1970s. This is an overhead city designed based on Manhattan. In this city, graffiti can be seen everywhere, the streets are full of garbage, the sky is gray and there is no sunshine, and even covered by signs of erotic theater.

In this dirty and poor city, the crisis is everywhere. The radio broadcast the inaction of the government. Strikes happen from time to time. The financial contraction leads to the reduction of social services. The gap between the rich and the poor is serious... It seems that there is nothing to celebrate.

At that time, clown was not clown. He had a heroic name, Arthur fleck. In Gotham City, he is the ant who can be trampled to death at any time. He is poor and depends on his mother who has mental illness. He also suffers from a mental illness that can make a harsh laugh at any time. In ordinary times, he lives a hard life by being a clown and asking for his meager salary.

But occasionally God will think that you are not miserable enough to make it worse for you. Seemingly friendly colleagues framed Arthur for buying guns from him in order to get the job of clown show. When he went to the hospital to perform, he was complained about carrying guns and lost his job.

After all, he still has a dream. His dream is to be a comedian. He writes all the funny stories in his notebook, but the reality tells him that he can only be the laughingstock of other peoples stories.

He once smiled and showed kindness to his children, but in return he said, dont disturb my children.. After saying Im sorry, he laughed loudly, only relying on a mental illness certificate for a moment of peace. In the end, he is regarded as a freak who is out of line with the society.

Life has no pity for him. The psychological tutor who inquires regularly never cares about his real cry. When the government intends to cancel the service, the last sentence to Arthur is: others dont care about your life or death.

After that, he fell in love with his neighbor, the only woman who knew him, loved him and would laugh at his jokes. The beautiful existence for him became the only dependence in his life.

But soon, he found that the owner of the mothers mouth was his father, and the so-called father told him that it was only his mothers appearance. In order to prove his identity, he went to the mental hospital before his mother, only to find that he was really adopted, and also suffered inhuman abuse when he was young.

On the worst day of unemployment, he shot and killed three people. He was nervous and angry, and slowly accepted. When he learned his own life experience, he killed his mother in his heart. Later, in reality, he went to the hospital to kill his mother.

I thought that at least there were girlfriends to rely on, but finally found that girlfriends are only their own fantasy, the real existence is always their own person.

When relatives, friends and lovers disappear, his world is out of control, but he is soon reborn in the collapse, he wants to be himself. So he killed the co-worker who framed him and the talk show host who used him as a joke. At that moment, he felt alive.

Arthur, the only colleague who escaped from hukou, said when he let him go, you are the only one who is good to me.

After that, he and the world completely split, fall and rebirth. From struggle, to accusation, and then to madness, he completed the dark world in which the poor bullied the poor and the weak bullied the weak.

The birth of clown was the nourishment of people and things around Arthur, which pushed a patient suffering from mental illness to the abyss of depravity and darkness.

But is that all? Put all the blame on society. No, thats not all. Isnt his uncontrollable mental illness from his native family? If he was not adopted by his adoptive mother, even though he was not happy in his childhood, he could at least see the sunshine. However, when he was young, he was suffering from inhuman abuse. As the mother said when she was young, she did not know that the child was abused, because he never cried. When he grew up, although he lost the tragic past of his childhood, he laughed even when he cried. He got one A disease, a disease that only laughs. And his paranoia is the same as his adoptive mothers mental history.

In the end, he became a clown and killed Murray in front of all the audience on the live talk show. The anger of Gotham City was ignited. The marginal people, the poor and the needy people all wore the mask of clown and regarded him as a hero. But clown is just a symbol after all. People worship not Arthur behind the makeup, but the ideal self after the clowns makeup.

Those who cheer with masks may not understand what they are cheering for, just to satisfy some of their humblest desires.

Arthurs life is miserable, because his life experience, parents, lies, mental illness... Can even be straight white, clown another name can be called Arthurs life of being rejected..

No doubt, the leading actor jekyun Phoenix has given a surprise performance. I was shocked by his first smile and the first laugh, and the deformed butterfly bone is the best witness of the excellent degree of jekyun Phoenix.

There is no doubt that the film is oppressive and dark, because this is the original intention of the director. Lets recognize the origin of clown and the Gotham City that makes evil. Its amazing that DC lost his heart this time. The trace of commercial innovation is very thin. He no longer clings to empty talk and forced style, and looks more like an art film. There is no action play, all of which depends on the performance control field of the level of jackun Phoenix movie emperor. Without the special effects, he starts from human nature. It has to be said that DC, which does not make super British films, is really respected.

If you ask me, does the movie have an orgasm? I will answer truthfully: from the first second to the last.