Li Jiaqis pleading guilty has been badly beaten!

 Li Jiaqis pleading guilty has been badly beaten!

Whats more, Li Jiaqi said its the best, 23 year old brand when selling goods on the live broadcast.

In fact, the registered company was founded in September 2015.

And many netizens who have bought have commented on this.

The pit is dead. The crab has no meat. Yangcheng Lake crab, the result is from other places

The customer service attitude is too bad, and the problem cant be solved.

In order to verify the authenticity of the rumors, a reporter found the shop and consulted customer service as the buyer.

It turns out that the real situation of the shop is not the same as Li Jiaqis recommendation.

During the consultation, customer service directly admitted that this is not the real hairy crab in Yangcheng Lake.

The crab clasp on the crab is also made by the company itself.

For this reason, people have questioned whether the propaganda words in Li Jiaqis mouth are not the same as the actual situation, and are they also misleading consumers?

After the fermentation, Li Jiaqis team has deleted the current video.

Its also awkward to catch up with the double 11 and a brand event.

Everyone is waiting to see how Li Jiaqi will respond, because if it involves false publicity, it will be a fatal blow to his live delivery business.

On November 13, Li Jiaqis studio responded.

Its not much:

1. Acknowledge that the company has the problem of lax selection, which has been coordinated and handled after receiving the feedback. 2. Li Jiaqis introduction of the products mistake is indeed a misunderstanding of the problem, which has caused misleading. He apologizes. 3. Neither the consumers nor the manufacturers will be responsible for the after-sales problems of the products. 4. Once again, I sincerely apologize and show that I will accept the supervision of the public and live up to everyones trust.

Many people think that this statement stands up and gets beaten, at least it is quite sincere, and they also sigh: Li Jiaqis statement can be said to be the benchmark of the industry.

This is not only the hairy crabs incident, but also can be seen from the non stick pot incident which made a lot of noise the other day.

At that time, what Li Jiaqi wanted to sell was a non stick pot. He was in charge of the introduction, and the assistant was frying eggs to try the pot.

OMG, this is definitely a cheap and practical non stick pot. Dont miss it.

Li Jiaqi said this with a smile, and the assistant smiled and beat an egg into the hot pot.

Then the awkward scene came, Li Jiaqis voice was still falling, and the little assistant snapped a scrambled egg and stuck it

At that time, there was a silence inside and outside the screen, and Li Jiaqi, who saw that the assistant wanted to paste the pot, hurriedly took over the shovel.

This one doesnt drain oil. Its not sticky and doesnt paste, he said

Can see the bottom of the pot is still shovel can not move the fried eggs, the bullet screen a piece of broken it, very embarrassed.

Soon, the topic of Li Jiaqis sticky pan sticky pan was once popular, and was spit out by netizens.

We dont think that he has carefully selected and tested the products. It can be seen that other products may be the same. We cant believe it.

Because of the hot search on the non stick pot, the non stick pot company also responded:

Li Jiaqi doesnt know how to cook very well. Eggs just came out of the refrigerator. In a word, there is no problem with the pot.

Although there are still fans for Li Jiaqi to think of a good reason.

Egg problem, little assistant method is wrong, manufacturer problem But its obviously not convincing.

At this time, Li Jiaqis statement is very important.

And in his later response, there are probably the following points.

1. Highlight: this pot has been used by itself. It also appeared in the previous live broadcast. Its really not sticky. 2. Reasons for sticking the pot: before using the pot, use boiled boiling water to boil, which is also included in the manufacturers instructions, but the pot you use has not been boiled. 3. Why dont you cook it: colleagues open a new pot for fear of scalding themselves. Colleagues dont know that the new pot needs to be cooked, and they think it has been cooked before that effect.

And Li Jiaqi said he had done experiments before he came to these conclusions.

After the pot sticking incident, he bought a lot of eggs for experiments and made a special video.

We took four or five days to make a double dish and did a lot of experiments on frying eggs, including the hot pot, the hot egg, the cold egg and the oil.

In the end, it is found that if it is a new pot, it is very easy to stick the pot if it has not boiled water at all and fried eggs without oil.

As for why he didnt respond in the first time, Li Jiaqi also gave an explanation.

We cant just leave the pot to the brand side or to our colleagues without finding out the reason, so we have been looking for the most responsible answer.

Finally, he apologized to the affected brands and buyers on Weibo, and promised that he would be responsible for the products to the end.

In this way, after the incident, not only did not affect the reputation of Li Jiaqi, but the fame went up to a higher level.

Its also a very successful crisis pr.

Many people are also wondering. Li Jiaqi has some problems. Why does the statement have such an effect?

First of all, its because Li Jiaqi has always had a good reputation and image.

Its understandable that we have recommended so many products for such a long live broadcast and occasionally had one or two problems. We should properly solve and admit our mistakes.

Whats more, Li Jiaqis two statements have the following characteristics:

Tell the story - reflect on yourself - promise to be responsible - apologize in good faith, crisp, logical, no nonsense and no shirking responsibility.

We usually see too many rollover statements from big and small stars, celebrities and enterprises on the Internet.

Before Zhai Tianlin, Jiang Yiyan and pgone, there was Li Xiang who just had a live broadcast of the rollover.

Its either that Ive said a lot of things and didnt get to the point, or Ive dumped the pot online, which is too insincere.

The statement of the studio and Li Jiaqis repeated verification just reflect sincerity, which is the key to be accepted even if there is a mistake.

However, although I can feel the sincerity of Li Jiaqis statement, I have to say one thing here:

After the event, a comprehensive and sincere remedy and fault recognition is better for consumers than never having a problem at the beginning.

This is not only for Li Jiaqi, but also for others.

A persons ability to attract another group of people is not only his ability, but also his responsibility.

For stars, it is to maintain image, for Li Jiaqi, it is to ensure sales volume

Otherwise, once and again, you may be forgiven for your sincerity, and then three times, nothing will work.

Similarly, as consumers, we should be more rational in our choice and have zero tolerance for principled issues, so as to ensure our own interests are not infringed.