A dozen pieces of paper were stuffed into the little girls eyes. How painful it is!

 A dozen pieces of paper were stuffed into the little girls eyes. How painful it is!

And lately,

This unbearable feeling has tortured little girls in Henan for nearly a month

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On September 29, Ms. Li, from Xuchang, Henan Province, noticed something wrong with her daughter, Xiaohua, whose eyes flashed out small pieces of paper from time to time.

After inquiring about her daughter and knowing the story, Ms. Li was heartbroken.

It turns out that on September 28, when she had a lunch break, Xiaohua, a sophomore in Dajian School of Mojie Township, was held by her classmates Xiaoqiang and Xiaodong. Xiaogang, another student, pinched the torn work books into small pimples and forced them into her eyes.

One piece, two pieces, three pieces... In this way, Xiaohuas eyes are stuffed with at least ten pieces of paper.

Ms. Li immediately took her daughter to the hospital. When she took the paper, Xiaohua cried out in pain.

In the next month, Xiaohua first lived in the hospital of Yuzhou peoples Hospital, and her eyes had been uncomfortable during her stay.

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Afraid that the paper is not clean, and afraid of damaging the childs eyes, Ms. Li took Xiaohua to Beijing Tongrentang hospital for examination.

After running several hospitals and doing several tests, doctors and experts came to the conclusion that Xiaohuas eyes had no paper or symptoms, and could be discharged home.

Fortunately, this malicious injury event did not affect Xiaohuas vision, but Xiaohuas good does not mean that everything can be calm.

While taking Xiaohua for treatment, Xiaohuas mother also found the school to discuss.

The headmaster of the school said: seven or eight year olds, they have no malice, that is to say, the children are playing together.

The headmaster means that there is no malice in mischief among students, but if there is no malice, why is mischief called mischief?

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Whats more, whether its a joke or not, its impossible for three children to bully one child.

Obviously, for the statement of shirking the responsibility of the headmaster, netizens dont buy it. Some people say that the headmaster is standing and talking without back pain. Some people wonder how he became the headmaster

After the principal responded, the incident became more and more serious. Finally, Yuzhou Municipal Bureau of education and sports issued a circular on the incident.

In the report, the Chinese education and Sports Bureau first explained the cause of the matter, which confirmed that the paper in Xiaohuas eyes was indeed stuffed by three little boys.

After that, I talked about the treatment process in detail, saying that Xiaohua had been accompanied by the schools teachers all the time.

At present, the parents of Xiaohua, the parents of three little boys and the school have signed a compensation agreement by consensus.

Finally, the local bureau of education and sports ordered the principals and teachers who failed to do so to write a notice of in-depth inspection of the city. Next, it will improve the safety system of the school, strengthen supervision, and let the school and the parents of violent children apologize to the parents of Xiaohua.

For the three little boys, in view of their relatively young age, they are mainly critical of education.

Three little boys, hold down a little girl and put a piece of paper in her eyes. This is a bullying behavior, whether they are seven or eight years old or not.

A 7-8-year-old child already has a basic understanding. Its not the age of I like that bird, Ill hold it with my hands and try to make it like it. At the age of 7-8, he knows what hurt is a joke.

If we insist that they are joking, it is also irresponsible to be the guardian of the children who are not sensible.

Its a common thing for children to make mistakes. The key is to understand why they make mistakes, rather than using a phrase they are still young to cover up everything.

Blind excuses will destroy a group of children.

In 2016, a mother posted an article online accusing bully.

In the article, she wrote that his son, who was just 10 years old in the second grade of primary school, was blocked in the toilet one day by two male students.

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One of the boys said, I want to see your butt. the other threw the garbage can with toilet paper and urine down and hit her son.

After the incident, her sons face was dirty, crying and self-cleaning.

Later, they learned that it was not the first time that their son had been bullied. The two male students had always ridiculed her son with their family financial situation and nicknamed him.

After that, the mother found the school, but the teacher described the incident as excessive joke, and the parents of the two bullies also shirked their responsibility and refused to apologize.

In the end, the school dealt with the problem, but her son suffered from acute stress reaction because of being bullied for a long time.

In fact, its similar to the girls eyes being stuffed with paper. At the same age of about 10, its the same joke in the mouth of the school teacher.

The difference is that this event was in 2016, the paper jam event was in 2019, and the time hasnt changed for parents, educators and malicious children.

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Parents connivance and teachers inaction hurt one child after another.

Finally, it not only hurt innocent children, but also let bully bear the consequences of parents and schools irresponsibility.

Its like Chen Nian and Wei Lai in young you, like former wild schoolmate in malice and bully stabbed by him.

When bullying leads to more vicious events, parents will regret why I didnt teach my children well, and teachers will think if I had been in charge of it.

But its no use.

The way to make a person good is to teach by example, not to indulge.

If people are like Xunzis theory of evil nature, the nature of human being is evil at the beginning, then parents are the road sign to guide children to the road of good, and teachers are the hand to pull them out of the dark.

In the long life of a person, the time of going to school is only ten years. Going out of school will lead to a more complex society.

So let the school be brighter.

It is hoped that every student will be happy to say this is our play ground instead of this used to be our play ground.