Im an actor, right?

 Im an actor, right?

Ouyang Nana cries out that ants run away:

Even Mr. Yuan Li provides us with off-site melon fields

This can be said to be one of the hottest variety shows in 2017. However, this season, the rules have been changed and the competition system of peak duel has been adopted. A master with an apprentice adopts the elimination system.

In fact, there are program candidates out early on the Internet, but we all dont believe it.

Some people dont understand why Meng Meiqi, Wang Ziyi, Yang Di, a funny variety show, are going to perform the battle variety show?

Some people said that Li Bingbing and Zhang Guoli could be mentors. What makes Li Yuchun and Ma Sichun become mentors?

I am an actor has been on air with topic degree, the east wind of season one or two, and the configuration of old drama bone + new flow.

Uncle watched two episodes, how to say, compared with the previous two seasons, and even compared with please put the actors in place, the visibility and topic are greatly reduced.

In fact, there are two major highlights of this kind of show, which are how the actors perform and how the judges comment.

This is the actor: first, identify yourself:

These actors are very good. The actors who come here dont need to use this stage to prove themselves.

Yes, like Li Bingbing, who has taken Huabiao and Baihua, Tong Dawei, who is one of the seven film festivals, and Zhang Guoli, who has taken plum blossom and flying Magnolia It does not seem necessary.

Well, turn it on!

Tong Dawei plays with Liang Jing. He plays the part in Charlottes troubles. One plays Charlotte and the other plays Ma Dongmei.

Charlotte who becomes a big star and Ma Dongmei who marries others narrate the past:

Charlotte finds that she still loves Ma Dongmei best, and tells her the story of two peoples lives in his memory. At this time, Ma Dongmeis performance is as follows:

When Ma Dongmeis husband wakes up, he finds its all a dream. Ma Dongmei is still his wife, and Charlotte is ecstatic:

But Ma Dongmei was so disappointed that she insisted on leaving him, so Charlotte said: you must go, and never come back in this life!

Ma Dongmei is naturally not willing to show weakness, and the two people speak bitterly to Biao:

Then I thought it was a door slam, but!! In the last second, Charlotte suddenly cried

At first, I took out melon seeds one by one, saying that these are all the things I used when I blamed you and scolded you and hated you, and thought I was an asshole.

The more you say it, the more you cry

Huh? Dont you two have to separate in the last second? Will it be too fast?

By the way, is your mood too unstable?

Laugh, cry and get angry when you cant move. Dont you mean that you should pay attention to movie sense? How can the finished product be so implicit and not advanced?

Even in the curtain, he said he was not in the play at all. He acted like a sketch

Yes, after all, the previous texture is Rouge button level:

The last queen level:

Even if its on-site performance, at least it has the level of wind?

But such a clear gap, the audience felt it across the screen, but the judges in the industry still didnt say that he was not good. I dont know whether it was because Tong Dawei was too big or because they really didnt think there was any problem

Shi Hang, the screenwriter, said that this script is very difficult. Tong Daweis performance is to walk out of the comfort circle:

The male host said that he was brave in art

On the contrary, only Jiang Sida, a layman, dare to say how he feels: I cant laugh.

Looking at Liu Tianchis reaction, she seemed to say, how dare an layman come to KY?

However, what Jiang Sida said is true. After all, Shen Tengs characteristics are quite obvious, and Tong Daweis style is quite different from his; the performance time is too short, there are no obstacles and burdens in the middle, its too embarrassing to put the funny and the sudden sensationalism together; the whole performance elements are too many, and everyone doesnt adapt very well.

There are many people in the barrage supporting yuan Sida:

But Jiang Sida said, the other judges didnt care, even Tong Dawei himself didnt care, we actually discussed together whether actors should go out of the comfort circle

In addition, the recording of I am an actor has been cancelled in this season. The live performance mode is closer to that of the drama. It depends on the final performance. Actors are required to have large body movements, perform more externally and immerse themselves in the characters.

This change is quite different from the requirements of the previous two seasons, but it seems that the actors and the program groups have not yet adapted.

In addition to Charlottes troubles, Qin Hao, the leading actor in half a life, was left aside when the two girls were playing against each other without any sense of participation

The stage lighting was not designed, Qin Haos role was not hidden, he did not perform and interact with the characters in the picture, the two girls talked, he thought on the side wall

When the director pointed out the problem, Qin Hao also said that he did not know how to present it:

Moreover, although it is more similar to drama in form, the whole program is obviously edited.

Parallel story lines, interspersed memories, flashbacks This often gives the audience a strong sense of dislocation: is this not a drama performance? How can I edit it? How can we still have memories?

Whats more, the props, the lighting and the background board are not like the Spring Festival Gala scene?

The program team wanted everything, but it couldnt do anything well. Films are not like dramas, unlike films, but they are like sketches.

Turned into a sketch contest

At last, I made a four dont look like...

Script, scheduling, editing, video, art, props are all disaster

In addition, its setting is that the teacher takes the apprentice, but the appearance of the apprentice on the field is about equal to 0

Sister Wen Qi, there is only one line in the performance:

Fan Tiantian showed up in 10 seconds, but the part didnt help more guests:

Meng Meiqi is even worse. Its the silhouette

No, is it such a way for tutors to take students? Does the program group want Meng Meiqi to learn how to act Li Bingbings profile more like her?

The only group with more plays is that Zhang dada and Prince are different. They play the two younger brothers of the hero and heroine respectively:

As a result, he was criticized as unnecessary role by Li Chengru, an old artist

In fact, we can understand the idea of the program group. After all, its a PK reward for acting. If theres only fresh meat, the quality of the program cant be guaranteed, and the only thing is that theres not enough flow of drama bones, so we can simply perform their duties and combine the strengths.

But what you publicize is the tutor + student system. The result is that the students become the real background board. Are there some wrong boards?

Whats more, the fans who think that their elder brother and sister went to the program so they went to see it, how depressed should they be? In short, a program is not like drama, film, film, tutor, student, or judge.

Either focus on one aspect and do it well, or dont set up a flag to avoid being attacked later.

I want everything and cant do anything well. Why is the season of I am an actor so bad? Does the program team understand?