Experts in online real estate sales of double 11 real estate enterprises: no substantial impact on sales

 Experts in online real estate sales of double 11 real estate enterprises: no substantial impact on sales

With the end of double 11, a new business record came into being. On the day of double 11, the total turnover of tmall was 268.4 billion yuan, an increase of about 25.7% year on year. The turnover of double 11 has reached a new high. For millions of houses, can developers online interest discount make buyers cut their hands? After the double 11, the reporter of Beijing News paid a return visit to Taobao real estate auction, Jingdong real estate and Suning, the three giants of e-commerce, to resume the marketing achievements of the double 11 real estate enterprise and e-commerce cooperation.

Real estate enterprises join hands with three major e-commerce promotions

In this years double 11, the three major e-commerce companies Alibaba, Suning and Jingdong all cooperated with brand developers to launch promotions.

According to Jingdong real estate, during the double 11 period, Jingdong cooperated with more than 200 developers in 70 cities and put in more than 6000 sets of preferential housing resources. The total amount of new housing is 50% and the preferential amount is more than 300 million yuan. The developers involved include rongchuang China, poly development, country garden, green city China, Huaxia Xingfu, etc.

Taking rongchuang as an example, during the double 11 period, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between rongchuang southwest region and Jingdong was launched on November 1 in the flagship store of rongchuang southwest in Jingdong. During the activity, there are 150000 houses in the southwest of rongchuang, with a total of 300 million yuan of purchase vouchers issued, and Jingdong subsidy of up to 1.9 million yuan. This is the first attempt to promote cross-border e-commerce in the southwest of rongchuang.

Not only Jingdong real estate, but also Evergrande has signed a contract with Suning, which is the first time Evergrande has cooperated with e-commerce to sell houses during the double 11 period.

From November 1 to November 11, Evergrandes more than 800 real estate projects across the country nearly tens of thousands of houses went to Suning for sale. At the same time, Suning has launched 1111 sets of special rooms by combining online and offline. Consumers can pay 99 yuan intention money on Suning e-commerce platform or live broadcast seckill, by which they can subscribe for special rooms at Evergrande real estate sales office.

Taobao real estate, which is famous for auction of low-cost houses, has also cooperated with Vanke, Evergrande, Greenland, rongchuang, Fuli and other brand developers in this years double 11 to carry out discount and promotion. The houses cover Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Changsha, Wuhan, Qingdao, Dalian, Fuzhou, Kunming, Ningbo, Xian, Hangzhou, Chongqing and other major cities in China.

Taobao real estate related person in charge said: this time there are more than 10000 sets of houses on line. Including judicial auction of real estate, public housing of the government, special housing of developers, etc., in which the special housing starts at 20% off, and the specific transaction price depends on the auction results.

E-commerce thinking, kill the 50% discount room in a second

In the e-commerce cooperation, the real estate enterprises also use the e-commerce thinking and adopt the updated and more diversified marketing methods.

For example, in order to attract more buyers to place orders online, rongchuang southwest put out a small amount of 50% discount houses as a marketing gimmick, that is, to seize the 50% discount rights and interests of the whole new house that is, it is possible to participate in the offline lottery and finally get the 50% purchase rights and interests.

At the same time, when cooperating with Jingdong real estate, Fuli East China will attract buyers with the preferential policy of one yuan for one square meter, and then offer a discount of 9.9%.

When cooperating with Suning, Evergrande also tried to launch the form of buy it now price, giving different degrees of strength for different housing sources of Evergrande, with a maximum of more than 2 million yuan saved.

Such online diversified marketing methods have brought enough traffic to real estate enterprises. Wang Xiaoyi, an analyst at Zhuges data research center, said: through this double 11 sales promotion, buyers have learned that in addition to offline house watching groups, there is also online house selection mode. Cooperation between real estate enterprises and e-commerce platforms is a new attempt and a new progress, and there are many houses to sell It has a channel, and there are many online users, and the real name system can accurately bring traffic to the enterprise, which is a win-win situation for both real estate enterprises and e-commerce.

(the data comes from the announcement and public information of listed real estate enterprises, and the statistical time is as of November 13)

5 times more house users and 3 times more orders

As the new trend of this years double 11 is that e-commerce unite with real estate enterprises to sell houses, is the effect of e-commerce promotion obvious?

The double 11 order data of JD real estate, which has the largest cooperation with real estate enterprises and involves the widest housing resources, shows that the number of intended customers has increased. According to the data provided by JD real estate, on the day of double 11, the number of online real estate search users in JD real estate increased by 5 times year-on-year; the number of online service consultation increased by 7 times; the number of online orders increased by 3 times.

In particular, the activity of 50% discount for new housing has aroused wide participation. According to the feedback from Jingdong real estate to the reporter of Beijing News, on the day of double 11, the online order quantity of more than 30 sets of 50% discount housing sources was 2163, among which, rongchuang southwest 50% discount housing rights placed 688 orders. Because the order quantity is too much, we need to determine the final list of 50% discount room by offline lottery.

Similar to the new marketing mode of one yuan to buy one level of Fuli, it is very popular with Internet users. On the day of double 11, 13487 preferential orders were placed for one yuan to buy one level. On the basis of shopping together, we offer 10% discount. In 11.11 of Fuli East China region, 2090 units will be ordered on the antenna, and 380 units will be ordered in the world.

In terms of cities, statistics of real estate in Jingdong show that during the double 11 period, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xian, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Kunming and Qingdao became the online Red cities with more orders. From the user big data description, the post-90s orders or consulting accounts for more than 65%, and the post-90s, who are about to enter the age of 30, have finally become the main force of real estate.

In the cooperation between Evergrande and Suning, according to the current data from Suning, 1111 sets of special houses launched jointly with Evergrande have more interested customers, more than 1.5:1, and the proportion of transactions is more than 80% due to regional, floor and other factors.

The person in charge of Taobao real estate said: at present, the attention of the housing source is quite high. On average, each set of houses can attract nearly a thousand rounds of onlookers. However, because the real estate is a bulk transaction, the auction real estate first pays down the deposit to participate in the auction, and later needs to pay off the balance, and the transaction can only be counted as a transaction, so the statistics of the transaction data has not come out yet.

Real estate enterprises make profit promotion for sprint performance

This year, in the context of strict macro-control and market cooling in the national real estate market, real estate enterprises use the double 11 e-commerce marketing node to increase cooperation with e-commerce, and take the way of online and offline interaction to vigorously promote sales, which reflects the pressure of real estate enterprises to sprint performance at the end of the year.

In the remaining less than 50 days, the major real estate enterprises are desperately completing the sales target of this year. According to the statistics of Beijing News, up to now, among the real estate enterprises that have announced their performance targets at the beginning of the year, the sales progress of the real estate enterprises is quite different.

By the end of October 2019, Henan construction real estate has achieved the annual sales target, while Shimao real estate, Longguang real estate, Baolong real estate, yangguangcheng, Zhonghai real estate and China Jinmao have also achieved more than 90% of the annual target.

However, at present, some of the brand real estate enterprises that have announced their performance targets in the year still have a target completion rate of less than 70%. For example, Rongsheng development, Fuli real estate, Jingrui real estate, etc. will face greater performance pressure.

As of the end of October, nearly 60% of the enterprises that set the annual sales target had achieved the target rate of more than 80%, according to the report. Among them, 10 real estate enterprises, such as Evergrande, Longhu and Shimao, have achieved more than 90% of the target, and achieved better results in the whole year. Nearly 30% of the real estate enterprises have a target completion rate of 70% - 80%, while the remaining few have a target completion rate of less than 70%. At the end of September, only nearly 40% of the real estate enterprises achieved the target completion rate of over 75%, and the overall target achievement of large-scale real estate enterprises was lower than that of the same period last year.

Shen Xin, a researcher at Yiju Research Institute, said that near the end of the year, some real estate enterprises will increase their efforts to push the market and increase the phenomenon of discount and promotion due to the lack of funds and the year-end sprint scale performance. At present, the expectation of the real estate market has changed. Although the sales volume of real estate enterprises may increase significantly at the end of the year, the volume of transactions is difficult to increase significantly, especially in the unregulated or weakly regulated third and fourth tier cities with hot transactions in 2018, the volume of transactions will face a greater risk of decline.

In the context of declining trading volume, e-commerce and real estate enterprises hit it off. Zhang Dawei, senior analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate, said that the concept of double 11 has been overdrawn, and e-commerce is facing incremental problems and is looking for new growth points. Real estate is also facing sales problems this year, so the two try to sell again this year.

However, according to Zhang Dawei, e-commerce has a limited driving effect on the sales of real estate enterprises. On the whole, the flow of e-commerce has little impact on real estate sales, it said. Because the real estate consumption belongs to the regional market behavior, it needs to see the real estate for many times, which is not equal to the flow brought by the national consumption of e-commerce.

At the same time, Wang Xiaoyi also believes that e-commerce promotion will not have a fundamental impact on the national market. Alibaba, Suning, Jingdong e-commerce platforms and real estate enterprises jointly sell houses, and the total sales volume of double 11 of the three e-commerce platforms does not exceed 30000 sets, which will not have a substantial impact on the sales of the current real estate market, she said

B09-b10 / Xu Qian, reporter of Beijing News

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Wang Fengzhi, nt2541