Taiwan is labeled as Taiwan, China. Taiwan authorities force telecom operators to stop selling Huawei

 Taiwan is labeled as Taiwan, China. Taiwan authorities force telecom operators to stop selling Huawei

[Li Ming, special correspondent of global times in Taipei] in response to Huaweis mobile phone system changing the Taiwan logo to Taiwan, China, the DPP authorities fired the first shot, and on the 14th asked the five major telecom companies in the island to stop selling Huaweis three mobile phones.

Huawei mobile phones used to display the word Taiwan in parts of the region if they used the traditional Chinese system, Taiwans lianhe.com reported Thursday. In early August, some Internet users in the mainland protested against Huawei, so Huawei changed the traditional Chinese version of the regional display to Taiwan, China in the system update. Recently, the islands Pro Green media began to report the incident again. As the presidential election entered the countdown, the motivation of this move was questioned. On the 13th, the National Communications Commission (NCC) announced that in view of media reports, the sign does not conform to the facts, or even undermines the dignity of our country, so it will take strict measures to require the operators to restore the original sign as soon as possible. NCC also sent a letter to all manufacturers, requiring mobile phones and tablet products to sign a cut-off certificate when applying for certification from now on, promising that the setting of Taiwan logo must be displayed correctly. According to the examination method for telecommunication terminal equipment and other regulations, if there is any change later, no matter because of system update or other reasons, the relevant examination certificate will be cancelled and will be banned.

Indeed, ncc14 revealed that it had asked five major telecom operators, including China Telecom, Taiwan mobile, telefax, Taiwan star and Asia Pacific Telecom, as well as Huaweis agent in Taiwan, Xunwei, to stop selling P30, p30pro and nova5t mobile phones until they were improved. 5 home appliance operators have replied that they can cooperate with NCC to purchase Huawei mobile phones due to the recent reduction in stock and the lack of inventory, lianhe.com reported Thursday. Xunwei said it had asked Huawei to improve as soon as possible. 3C DA in the island said that the mobile phone system update was not sure whether it was deliberately marked or the negligence of Xunwei technology, which could understand the brand position and affect the newly released Huaweis new mate30pro. Other mainland brands, including Xiaomi, oppo and vivo, have yet to respond.

Some people in the island think that Huawei is an indicator enterprise in the mainland, and NCC is the political sensitive zone most reluctant to be touched by enterprises on both sides of the Taiwan Strait in the campaign, which also causes concern about the recurrence of the 85 degree C and Yifang fruit tea events in Taiwan. Cai Liansheng, secretary-general of the Federation of industry, said anxiously that more and more rules based on political considerations will increase unnecessary troubles for enterprises and make Taiwanese businessmen become sandwich biscuits. According to an industry insider, Huawei is an indicator enterprise in the mainland. From the past when the mainland required multinationals to change the logo of Taiwan to Taiwan of China, it can be imagined that Huaweis traditional mobile phone logo in the island area was hyped as a political issue, and the final result will definitely force Huawei to withdraw from the Taiwan market. He said that Taiwans share in Huaweis global market is quite small, and its withdrawal from Taiwan market has little impact on it, but has a great impact on the supply chain of Taiwan factories that rely on Huaweis procurement every year. At that time, Huawei will gradually reduce its procurement to Taiwan. What worries him even more is that NCC demands Huawei to declare war on the mainland, which will only aggravate cross-strait confrontation.

China Times said Thursday that cross strait relations are already sensitive. There used to be some tacit understanding and fuzzy areas, which are the basis for exchanges and mutual benefit between the two sides. Just like Taiwans China Airlines in the ticketing on the other side of the Taiwan Strait website, the mainland did not force the region to display Chinese Taipei. Now, once the NCC ban is issued, it may break this tacit understanding. Will this fire burn to other Taiwan enterprises such as China Airlines It is no different from putting the owner on the wave of confrontation. In a word, the political confrontation will bring disaster to Taiwans economy.

Source: editor in charge of Global Times: Wang Fengzhi, nt2541