European preliminaries - Kane hatchville 3 assists England 7-0 advance

 European preliminaries - Kane hatchville 3 assists England 7-0 advance

In the 11th minute, chivels left cross with the ball inside suddenly slanted and long, and Chamberlains right foot shot low from the far corner after stopping at 10 yards from his right rib, leading England 1-0.

The 17th minute, Chamberlain straight plug, Rushford with speed to surpass the guard single knife, his right rib 8 yards shot by the goalkeeper saved the bottom line. In the 18th minute, chivel scored a free kick on the left, Kane headed 6 yards and England led 2-0.

In the 24th minute, chivel left corner, Kane 6 yards header, England 3-0 lead.

In the 27th minute, hasabanovic opened a free kick on the right side, and the defenceless Simic headed 7 yards to attack the goal. Pickford responded with a quick dive and the ball wiped the right post out of the baseline. In the 30th minute, Chamberlains 45 degree cross on the right side, marquells 6-yard header was saved by the goalkeeper, and the unguarded Rushford took the ball to adjust his right foot at 12 yards to break the goal, with England leading 4-0.

In the 34th minute, Kane shot away. The 37th minute, Arnold right cross, Kane stopped 6 yards after the right foot shot score hat trick, England 5-0.

The first 40 minutes, Montenegro counterattack, besiraghi single shot into the restricted area 12 yards to shoot, Pickford saved, hasabanovic 12 yards to make up the shot kicked empty. The 43rd minute, Rushford long-range shot was blocked out of the baseline. At the end of the first half, England led 5-0.

At the beginning of the second half, in the 55th minute, Kane scored the ball, Arnolds right cross, Kanes 10 yard shot was saved, and mounts 6 yard shot again, but he was offside. The 62nd minute, chilwell left corner, marquis 8 yards head high.

In the 66th minute, Rushfords left side broke through the bottom line of the left rib of the forbidden area, while Sanchos head shot from a close range was in the opposite direction, while mounts volley from 6 yards was wide, but solannacci scored the ball into his own goal, leading England 6-0.

In the 85th minute, chilwell passed the ball, Sanchos left rib cross in the penalty area, Abraham scored 6 yards, England took the lead 7-0. In the end, England won 7-0.

England (433): 1-pickford / 2-arnold, 5-stone, 6-maguire, 3-chivel / 8-chamberlain (5619-madison), 4-winkles, 10 mount (7015-gomez) / 7-sancho, 9-caine (5622-abraham), 11 Rushford

Montenegro (4321): 12 - Mijatovic / 7 - visovic, 20 - soflannaci, 22 - Simic, 3 - radunovic (462 - laspopovic) / 8 - Hawk, 5 - lagato, 4 - takecevic / 16 - joovic (6523 - Jankovic), 17 - hasabanovic (7421 - boljevic) / 11 - besirajic

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Source: Netease sports Author: Hengshan editor in charge: Feng Haotian and nsjs2656