16999 yuan folding screen Huawei mate x 5g sold out in seconds on the official website today

 16999 yuan folding screen Huawei mate x 5g sold out in seconds on the official website today

So will it be harder to buy than the Porsche Design version of mate30rs, which went on sale on November 10 and was sold out? Xiaobian sits in front of the computer, logs in to Huaweis vmall official mall in advance and reads the seconds to prepare for the rush purchase, but just after 10:08, he clicks to buy, but finally fails to buy successfully. It seems that Huaweis matex5g is more difficult than Porsches design version. Of course, its impossible to know how many goods the official company has prepared this time. Its estimated that the first batch of products will not be much.

The latest official news shows that the second batch of Huawei matex5g will continue to be sold in Huawei vmall official mall at 10:08 a.m. on November 22.

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[Marvel technology] Huawei Matex: more and more perfect folding screen mobile phone (source: original)

16999 yuan, as the product with the highest single price in Huaweis mobile phone family, Huawei matex5g has been expected and hotly discussed by the outside world since the MWC exhibition was released at the beginning of this year, but Huaweis official follow-up did not announce the detailed sales plan. It may be considered that Huawei has been very cautious about this project since the first batch of similar products of friends were sent for testing in the world, and the folding screen itself has serious quality problems. After half a year of software and hardware optimization and improvement, Huawei has finally arrived at the time when it can be sold to the market.

Huaweis matex5g folding screen mobile phone adopts a new Eagle wing hinge folding design, which is totally different from Samsungs Galaxy fold screen mobile phone in two ways. After folding, Huaweis overall feeling of mobile phone will be more harmonious. After folding, the front screen is 6.6 inches, the back screen is 6.38 inches, and after unfolding, it will be an 8-inch screen with space class polymer flexible screen (according to legend The curtain supplier is BOE, and the flexible screen surface is pasted with customized protective film (the same can not be torn off), and the overall hardness is increased by 40%.

In terms of core hardware configuration, matex5g uses Kirin 980 + plug-in Baron 5000 solution, which is similar to the first Huawei mate20x5g. At the same time, it supports two 5g networking modes of SA / NSA, and does not use Kirin 990 chip as mate30 series 5g. However, Huawei also announced that it will launch a new Huawei matexs5g folding screen with Kirin 990soc with 5g baseband chip in March next year. In terms of storage, matex5g has only one version of 8 + 512gb.

In addition, the matex5g version also uses the P30 series of the same type of 40 million pixel super sensitive Leica four camera combination, which is the combination of 40 million pixel super sensitive lens main camera + 8 million pixel long focal lens + 16 million pixel super wide angle lens + 3D depth of field camera. Due to the design of the folding out screen, the matex5g version just removes the front lens. It is worth noting that Huaweis matex5g version has a 4500mAh battery built in and supports 55W super fast charging. Due to the folding of the screen, the mattex5g version does not support the off screen fingerprint solution, but uses the side entity fingerprint button.

After Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and other manufacturers have started to lay out folding screen mobile phones, more manufacturers and upstream industry chains will be attracted to join in the future. At present, there are still many problems to be solved in the experience of mass production, such as screen crease, the difficulty of mass production of flexible screen and the adaptation of third-party app for split screen, etc. the most important thing is that the product price is more than ten thousand yuan. However, with the current development speed of the smart phone industry, I believe that in the near future, folding screen mobile phones will become a new trend, and enter the public vision at a relatively affordable price.

Source: Netease mobile editor: Wu Bo, nt3514