Overcoat + sweater out, these 4 pieces will be popular this year

 Overcoat + sweater out, these 4 pieces will be popular this year

When it comes to the inner matching of overcoats, I believe that sweaters must be the first choice for most girls. But seriously, its all overcoats + sweaters. Is it a little disappointing that you are trying to dominate the fashion King flower in the village

So in order to let everyone shake off a few streets in this winter and show their good taste in dressing, today I want to go against the routine and share some different internal coincidence ideas.

First of all, its the sweater. After all, its the most versatile sports item in the past two years. Its popular in the entertainment industry

In particular, the Hoodie, while versatile, can also weaken the shoulder neck ratio, appropriate wide shoulder star Gospel

Of course, in addition to being versatile and thin, the biggest advantage of the sweater is that it can well balance the light maturity of the coat:

The camel overcoat, which is always famous for its elegance and high quality, becomes spontaneous and energetic in an instant when it comes to the age reducing Hoodie

The dull black coat and bright color sweater can also make you bright, with distinct primary and secondary functions and full of movement

Lesssismare, if you cant play with colors, Song Xis color matching is also a magic weapon, simple and advanced

There is also a plaid coat. Every time I recommend it to you, someone often leaves a message saying its very old-fashioned. Please, learn to mix and match with a sweater. Its clear that its very young and sunny. How about a proper English campus style

But if you happen to be the best in the business world, a coat on the inside might be better than a sweater.

After all, when we go to work, we often stay in the air-conditioned room. At this time, we can take off our coats and inadvertently show the suits that you have already matched

It is the safest to wear with the same color system, simple and atmosphere. It will make you the focus of the office in minutes

At the same time, pay attention to the waistline of the suit. Its best to have a waistband. If not, its also a good idea to replace it with something like a waistpack.

By the way, a suit of artificial design and color can also be used as an interior to coordinate unexpectedly, fashionable and personalized

However, the more common way to wear them is to count jeans and casual pants, weaken the formal sense of suits and coats, and make sure that they are not mistaken in commuting and dating, and wear them as you like with good taste

Of course, suits for the interior are not only suits, but also individual leather jackets and casual denim coats. The former is handsome, while the latter is retro and modern. As a fashion elite, you can have a try

Especially the denim coat, like jeans, basically belongs to the matching of all gold oil, and what color of the coat team are very harmonious.

In addition to the sweater and coat, there must be a name for the shirt in autumn and winter. After all, its a rare concave shape artifact. One is in hand, and I have the temperament.

However, in the cold autumn and winter, its hard to avoid being said that the burden of idols is too heavy. Therefore, its suggested that you add one inside quietly

High neck bottom coat

Start with a white shirt for each person. If you think the plain color is too common, use letter collar or light color system

High neckline bottoming, you can see it in minutes

However, I prefer to wear striped shirt on top of each other, because it has its own refreshing property, which is really suitable for breaking the boring autumn and winter season

In addition, in addition to striped shirt, light color printed shirt can also add more fresh vitality to the overall look, fashionable and aging reducing

By the way, do not rush to throw the local flavor lattice shirt at home. Pick a color from the grill and do it in a high collar shirt. You can hit an unexpected high chic sense.

Not yet! Sisters with more shirts can get the new position of stacking and wearing of fashionable elite: shirt + shirt, full of personality, color blocking or the same color, but remember to open the neckline step by step to create a high level

The last thing I want to share is that lazy people must wear it. Every time I write too much with my head, my favorite thing is to wear a dress inside. Its fashionable and effortless, easy to get the goddess.

Especially the soft waxy white knitted skirt is the standard match for fairies. It matches any overcoat very well. Especially when matching with dark overcoat, the contrast between light and shade is too high to be moved

But because white clothes are not resistant to dirt, so individuals prefer the earth color system a little more, keeping the attributes of versatile and gentle, more resistant to dirt and exercise

In addition, because our coats in autumn and winter are mostly based on solid colors, it is also very suitable to wear printed dresses inside, which are simple outside and complex inside, layered, fashionable and romantic

However, although the collocation is simple, there are several small tips to pay attention to if you want to wear the coat + dress with the most beautiful effect:

First of all, the length of the inside and outside overlap should not be the same, and a drop of u00b1 15 ~ 20cm is used to create a sense of hierarchy, which is more thin and high

In addition, we should also pay attention to the selection of the version. If you wear a slim coat outside, the A-line skirt with rigid fabric is certainly not as suitable as the long skirt with slim or draped fabric

In the end, although the inside dress has been very thin, it can be added with the design elements of belt or high waist

Well, todays sharing is here first~

Its said that she had hot pot with her girlfriend two days ago. Her coat was very nice, but it was clear that everyone was eating with great energy. However, her girlfriend was unwilling to take off her coat. She just had a hard head and ate the whole scene with sweat.

As soon as I asked, she whispered, its too ugly to wear today.

Sure enough, I didnt have a good suit to wear. I was really blind with those beautiful coats. I dont know if you have such a problem. If so, todays articles really need to be well collected