Those who dare to wear pajamas in down clothes are fashion experts

 Those who dare to wear pajamas in down clothes are fashion experts

I still remember that I updated it and was highly praised. Today, I will continue this loose topic~

Do you remember that there is a story in Stephen Chows movie. He told his brothers to put on the most comfortable clothes to fight before making an appointment with others. As a result, the next day, the little friends came in their pajamas.

No problem. To speak of the most comfortable clothes, pajamas dare to talk, and other clothes dare not make a sound. Whats more, winter is coming. Its a good time to dress casually and play with fashion under the down jacket!

I bought a lot of pajamas myself, but I spent too little time at home, so I seldom wore them. As time went on, the idea of go out in pajamas became more and more irresistible.

Actually, pajamas are really fashionable

Especially in the dark winter

The point is, you have to wear it right

After the promotion of Marc Jacobs a few years ago, there was a big wave of fashion wash for pajamas. Its estimated that now people dare not look down on pajamas.

Although I have a glimpse of my real pajamas at home, which match with those of the little perverts in killing Eve, I dare not go to the fashionable hall at all.

But always we have to look at the world! Cant be confined to the bedroom.

You can wear it under a down coat and a woolen coat

There are the following options

No matter its the most classic sexy lace suspender, T-shirt, suit and coat mix and match, deduce the street sexy girl;

Or add a nightgown in the down jacket as the windbreaker, and when you take it off, the clothes can be put on the air field for two meters;

In a word, from the show of the four major fashion weeks to the street photography in Paris and London, pajamas are indispensable.

However, the fashion trend of pajamas seems to have weakened a lot in the past two years, and there is no longer the momentum that dominated the fashion circle, but Is it really exhausted?

Obviously not

Pajamas, fashion power testing machine

There is a Hong Kong saying that at the beginning, metgala called on the worlds fashionable overlords to gather in New York on the eve of the annual martial arts competition, and also held pre metgala pjparty pajama party to warm up.

No matter supermodels, celebrities, or superstars have also spent enough time on pajamas. It can be seen that only those who are willing to work hard on pajamas deserve the title of fashionable sleeping beauty.

I like Ju Xiaowens suit very much. When I saw her in this fashion week, I thought it was because she was too beautiful and thin that she managed it well.

However, these young people also have to lower their heads in front of Marilyn Monroe. When the Monroe lady was walking on New York Avenue in her pajamas, we were not born.

She integrates all kinds of sexy or sweet pajamas into the daily wear and party modeling. The white transparent chiffon Lantern Sleeve nightdress and the high-heeled sandals decorated with feathers perfectly match the girls shyness and playfulness with the womans sexiness;

A complete set of robes + long skirts, black and white are elegant and dignified, red and white are partyqueen.

But its still a little difficult to follow the shape of the pyjamas of the lady copymonroe, and most of these shapes cant make people walk on the street without looking down. Who made Marilyn Monroe come out 500 years ago.

Lets reduce the difficulty a little bit, and then step up. Lets wear pajamas as dresses from two stars first

Put on your pajamas for a date

Degree of Difficulty:

Lets forget the idea of using silk Halter as the best mix and match item, because no one wants to go to the street and encounter the embarrassment of bumping the shirt 10086 times.

Its better to choose a really beautiful nightdress than to use a silk, lace and ribbon nightdress to go to the battlefield. Its also easier to control without the suspicion of over exertion.

Anna Heinrichs, a German designer, may have the same idea. Therefore, in her created nightwear brand, horrorvacui, no matter what the traditional nightwear is, she integrates her praise for womens beauty into the nightwear design and unties the nightwear!

So when I saw the nightwear of horror vacui for the first time, I went to the official website for a long time to explore it carefully to make sure that these beautiful dresses are really the nightwear themselves.

Red, yellow, blue and green are all kinds of colors combined with format printing and totem. They bring womens romantic soft light, which is also the most suitable fashion element in spring and summer.

The lace and pleats stacked on the neckline, cuffs and skirts, as well as the tie between the chest and waist, all make pajamas fashionable and incomparable;

Put a pair of jeans on a single coat, and you can go out for an afternoon tea with your girlfriend;

The elegant long skirt is suitable for a lady to walk on the street with her boyfriends hand in her hand. Who doesnt love such beautiful and easy-to-wear pajamas?

Put on your pajamas and go to the meeting

Degree of Difficulty:

For example, horror vacuis pajamas focus on design and dexterity. Ten people estimate that nine people cant recognize her pajamas at the first sight, so the difficulty coefficient is not high. Its not easy to put pajamas that look like pajamas on for meetings.

But fortunately, there are many fashion trendsetters who have given many templates, from solid color to printing, to stripe, all of which are on the street.

Some people use belts to highlight their waistlines and avoid the loose and bloated short board of pajamas. Remember to step on a pair of horizontal heights and go to meetings. You are the trump card elite who frightens customers.

Some people simply carry forward the wide silhouette with the trend of sex. What happened was the upsurge of oversize suits and wide leg pants. With a small handbag, it was the classic style of the editors of fashion magazines.

And to be able to look good on the complex printing, dont forget to take on a pair of sunglasses, the secret from bleary eyes to the weather is here.

Both asceno and morpho + Luna, the French Pajama brands, are familiar with how to wear cool pajamas. Various colors, thick and thin stripes and prints are integrated into Pajama suits, with the British tomboy flavor.

There are no too many tricks in the design, loyal to the nature of pajamas. The small Lapel can be worn as a shirt or suit coat. The V-neck Pajama with lace up is the sun proof coat that pulls wind in summer.

Get married in pajamas

Degree of Difficulty:

Yes, the difficulty coefficient rises to five stars in a straight line, and you dare to wear pajamas as wedding dresses to get married?

Dont worry about backing out. Kate zubarieva and Asya varetsa, fashion mentors, have come to the rescue. As editors of fashion magazines, two of them have launched the bridalcollection in their sleepwear brand, sleeper

Designers find a link between pajamas and wedding dresses. They should not only keep pajamas comfortable, natural and casual, but also have wedding dresses elegant and dignified. The most important thing is to match the most important days of life.

So in sleepper, you can go from complexity to simplicity, sketch the curve of Miaoman with smooth lines, match the top yarn, decorate the exposed fragrant shoulder with the ruffles, or come on the stage with the purest white, match the flowers and the head yarn, and you will be a cool and beautiful bride.

No wonder franca sozzani, editor in chief of vogue in Italy, also spoke highly of sleepper.

If youre worried about sleeppers casual lack of ritual, maybe threegraces Londons pajamas can get into your way.

The natural pure cotton and linen materials bring fresh and natural wind, which coincides with the popular little fresh new year;

The focus is on the back design of the heart trick, the tie bowknot and U-shaped fold, which decorate the perfect back line. It seems that carelessness actually conceals the opportunity. Isnt that the brides favorite play path.

Loose skirt also makes you a free bride

How about refreshing your knowledge of pajamas?

So I said, the misunderstanding of pajamas is the stumbling block for you to enter the high fashion

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